Beetroot Halwa

1 2 Beet Root Halwa How to make Beet Root Halwa recipe… Beet Root HalwaHow to make Beet Root Halwa recipe…A easy to cook desert recipe of halwa with grated beetroots along with milk,dry foods,sugar and cardamom. South Indian Delicious Sweet Recipe and this is a heavy desert and just

Ghee Payasam

Indian Healthy Recipe : Ghee Payasam Ghee payasam is a sweet Recipe exceptionally renowned in Tamilnadu. Fixings: 1/4 container Rice 3/4 container Jaggery 1/4 container Ghee Cardamom powder Couple of cashews Raisins and Kadhi sakar (blocks) Technique: 1. Weight cook the rice till it is delicate. 2. Soften the jaggery,