What if I have type 2 diabetes and become pregnant?

What if I have type 2 diabetes and become pregnant?

Type 2 Diabetes patient become pregnant should frequently manage their blood glucose levels by taking medicines and healthy food,doing exrecise.

Women with type 2 diabetes can have normal healthy pregnancies but they have to take extra steps to avoid excess weight gain and high blood sugars. Healthy lifestyle habits (eating primarily vegetables and lean protein and exercising every day) will prevent problems during pregnancy. Women with type 2 diabetes who become pregnant should monitor their blood sugar. A woman should talk with her doctor, and may want to explore adding a nutritionist, health coach, or naturopathic doctor about how to follow a healthy diet during pregnancy. If blood sugar gets out of control, they are at risk for having too large a baby, pre-eclampsia, or a premature birth.

Is there a blood test for type 2 diabetes?

Yes, type 2 diabetes is diagnosed with a blood test. The blood is tested for glucose and if it is greater than 125 fasting, or more than 200 when randomly tested, the diagnosis is diabetes If the fasting blood sugar is between 100-125, the person has pre-diabetes.

Tests also can measure average blood sugar over time. Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) test greater than 6.5% indicates diabetes.

What is the treatment for type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes treatment can include: Diet, Exercise, Weight loss, Oral medications, Injectable medications

Treatment for risk factors such as stress or sleep apnea, Dietary supplements

Not everyone needs medication; diet and exercise alone can be enough it the person makes significant lifestyle changes. The complications of diabetes also may need treatment. For example, nutritional deficiencies should be corrected, heart or kidney disease may need to be treated, and vision must be checked.

Is there a type 2 diabetes diet plan?

A type 2 diabetes diet should be based on foods with a low glycemic load (index) (foods higher in fiber, protein or fats) like vegetables and good quality protein such as fish, chicken, beans, and lentils. From that base, other types of healthy foods such as fruit, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and nuts should be added.

Foods with a high glycemic index (foods that raise blood sugar too quickly) are foods to avoid, such as processed foods, high in carbohydrates, sugars, or animal fat. Examples of foods to avoid include:

Deserts, Sweets, Pastries, Breads, Chips, Crackers, Pasta.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid white foods (except for cauliflower!).

Do people with type 2 diabetes have to take insulin?

Insulin is only recommended for people with type 2 diabetes when they have not been able to get blood sugars low enough to prevent complications through other means. To avoid insulin, people with type 2 diabetes should work very hard to follow a healthy diet that includes a lot of vegetables and lean proteins, exercise every day, and keep stress in perspective. They also should take their oral medications regularly. It can be difficult to follow these recommendations and the help of your doctor, nutritionist, diabetes educator, health coach, or integrative medicine practitioner may be helpful. For people who want to avoid insulin, working with practitioners knowledgeable about lifestyle medicine can help them understand how to make these lifestyle changes fit into their lives.

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