Bitter Gourd – Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd and its Extract

Bitter Gourd- Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd and its Extract

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bitter gourd


No one likes it much because of the bitterness in Bitter Gourd. But the nutrients in bitter melon bring many amazing health benefits to the human body. The vegetables that we eat with great help in living a healthy life are bitter melon which is good for the body even though it gives bitterness to the tongue. Bitter melon is very important in making the tongue feel bitter when you think about it. That’s why it’s the only fruit that most people see, from the youngest to the oldest.


Bitter gourd is rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, Magnesium, Folate, Zinc, Phosphorus, Manganese and Fiber which are all good for the body.
Bitter melon is enriched with flavonoids such as Vitamin A, B, C, beta-carotene, lutein, iron, zinc, potassium, manganese and magnesium.
Now let’s see some of the numerous health benefits available with that amazing vegetable bitter gourd.

Eye Health

Beta carotene and vitamin A in bitter gourd can cure eye diseases. Vitamin C and anti-oxidants help protect the eyes.

Lowers Blood Sugar Level

The bitter melon fights better against the disease. It contains a chemical called charantin. When bitter melon is taken frequently it mixes with the blood and lowers the level of sugar in the blood. Thus the blood glucose level will be under control. Ginger, fenugreek and anise with bitter gourd cooked in mustard oil is very good for diabetics.


Bitter melon extract is acts as the best medicine to prevent type 2 diabetes. Bitter gourd is a chemical that acts like insulin and lowers blood sugar levels.

Respiratory disorders

Green colour bitter melons are used as an amazing medicine for cure asthma, colds and coughs.
Grind bitter melon leaves and basil leaves together and mix it with honey and eat it every morning for good treatment for asthma, colds and coughs.

Strengthening the liver

Drinking a glass of bitter melon extract daily will cure liver problems. If you continue to drink for a week, you can see the benefits.
The liver is prone to inflammation due to excessive accumulation of unwanted toxins in the liver. For this, adding bitter melon to the diet two or three times a week removes the toxins in the liver and keeps the liver healthy. Or, drink a cup of bitter melon juice daily to get rid of liver problems.

Immunity Booster

If bitter melon or its leaves are boiled in hot water and cursed daily, the body’s immune system may be immune to infections.
Bitter melon is high in alkalinity and acidity. Frequent intake of this food increases the production of white blood cells and gives the body immunity. Thus, it protects the body from infection.


Bitter melon removes pimples, blackheads and deep skin infections. If you take Bitter melon juice and mix it with lemon juice and drink it daily on an empty stomach for 6 months, you can see the visible effect.

Bitter Taste

In Hindi, bitter gourd is referred to as karela. In English it is called Bitter Gourd, Bitter Melon and Bitter Squash. It means bitter fruit. When you pronounce its name in English, you are reminded of the bitter taste in its name.

Constipation will go away

Bitter melon is high in fiber which helps in digestion of the food we eat. Through this, gourd cures problems like constipation.
Bitter melon is high in fiber, which helps with digestion. Due to this the food is well digested and the waste is easily expelled. This eliminates constipation. Able to defecate easily.

Protecting the gut

Bitter melon juice can be used to kill worms and parasites in the gut. Bitter melon removes allergies, inflammation and tumors.

Protecting the kidneys

Bitter melon helps to better protect the kidneys, bladder and all related organs. Bitter melon is also used to remove kidney stones. It is good for the kidneys to cook and eat once a week.

Kidney and bladder

Bitter gourd helps a lot in maintaining a healthy kidney and bladder. It also aids in the removal of kidney stones.

Heart disease

Eating bitter melon daily removes bad fats from the body and prevents heart disease.

Preventing cancer

Bitter melon recipes such as fries, gravy, etc., if we eat them often in the diet, it destroys the toxic cells that lead to cancer and protects the body. Bitter melon prevents cancer and cancer cells from multiplying.

Weight loss

Bitter gourd is rich in anti-oxidants that regulate metabolism. Stimulates the body’s digestive system well and promotes good digestion. Thus, the body absorbs essential nutrients and loses weight fast.

Jaundice and Piles

Jaundice can be cured by drinking bitter melon juice with 2 tbsp sugar. Drinking 2 times daily will stop the bleeding caused by hemorrhoids.

Protecting the skin

Mix bitter melon juice with lemon juice and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach for six months to get rid of acne problem. Also, it can cure skin problems like scabies, allergies, itching, shingles, psoriasis, etc.

The scars will disappear

Cooked Bitter melon or its leaves are eaten more often, so that infections, pimples and scars on the skin disappear fast.

Health benefits packed with bitter gourd juice

It is highly helpful in boosting immunity, brain health and tissue healing. Bitter gourd is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that provide us with these nutrients. It also contains a lot of potassium, zinc and iron. It also contains powerful antioxidants that are needed to protect our body from cell damage.

Fiber rich

Bitter gourd is bitter but high in fiber. The study also found that Bitter gourd can help lower blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Benefits of eating Bitter gourd more often

Eating boiled bitter melon daily can boost the immune system. Drinking Bitter melon juice for a week will cure liver related problems. The bitter melon in the green will cure asthma, colds and coughs. Bitter melon juice is the best medicine for type 2 diabetes. Helps to maintain and maintain a healthy kidney and remove kidney stones.
Eating bitter melon daily removes bad fats and protects the heart. Increases appetite. Prevents the formation of pancreatic cancer cells.


It is high in anti-oxidant which helps in digestion. Thus the required nutrients are absorbed and the body loses weight.

The poison will break

Drinking bitter melon leaf extract and vomiting will also remove snake venom.


They can be dark green or light green depending on the nature of the growing area. Although it tastes bitter, it is rich in essential antioxidants and vitamins. You can also take bitter gourd juice and drink it. It can also be used in a variety of foods such as pickles, fries, sausages, broths, and concoctions.


Excessive amounts of nectar are poisonous, as is bitter gourd. Exceeding the limit will start to act against the above. It is a good idea for diabetics to consult their doctor about adding bitter gourd to their diet on a daily basis.

bitter gourd
bitter gourd

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