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Dates- Proven Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts of Dates

Dates- Proven Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts Of Eating Dates

Benefits of Eating Dates:

Iron increases:

Phoenix dactylifera (Botanical Name for Dates) are having high amount of iron, which cures anemia. Gives the body the energy
and health it needs. Leads to blood production. Helps to cure blood related

High in nutrients

If you take 3 Dates daily, you will get the
nutrients you need for one person a day. In particular, copper, potassium,
fiber, manganese, vitamin B6 (Vitamin B6), magnesium, etc. can be obtained.

Get better energy

Phoenix dactylifera are rich in nutrients,enhance the body’s energy. This is due to its high concentration of natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose. Furthermore, if dates are consumed daily with milk, the body’s laziness will be eliminated and its energy level will rise.

Wonderful Food

People who eat a lot of fruits are not prone to diseases. The fruits that
we eat are all good for the body. Likewise, dates are a Wonderful Food that nourishes
the body and certainly, helps to eliminate many deficiencies in the body. Here are the
benefits of eating these dates.

Benefits of Eating Dates

This dry fruit contains a lot of raw materials like potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. Furthermore, it reduces the wear and tear on the human body’s bones. Furthermore, it provides bone stability. Dates also protect against problems such as bone weakening and increase bone density in those who consume them on a daily basis.


Furthermore, it is important for everyone to have clear eyesight. Malnutrition in the
diet can cause blurred vision and cataracts in some people. And then, who eat
dates daily will improve their eyesight. It also prevents cataract-like

Phoenix dactylifera are high in iron. Moreover, Patients, children, and the elderly will gain
strength as they eat certain dates daily. Importantly, Pregnant women also eat more
this fruit, however, which is very good for women and their Unborn Children.

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Increase erectile power

Moreover, Men with dementia are less likely to have problems with infertility and
lack of interest in marital relationships. Chewing some dates well in the morning and at night ,then drinking hot cow’s milk  strengthens the nerves and
Removes Impotence.


More over, an allergy is accured, when the body reacts to certain foods when we eat or breathe.
These allergies vary from person to person. Further more, it can Prevents allergies in people
who eat a lot of dates.

Body weight

People who are very thin and underweight can grind Phoenix dactylifera well daily and
drink it three times a day in hot milk to gain weight. It also gives the
body the energy to function for a long time.


For example, many people today use a variety of drugs, such as tobacco, cigarettes,
beedi, and alcohol, and after that, their physical and mental health deteriorates. For
those who want to get rid of addiction, eating a few this fruit instead of using
drugs will help them get rid of the addiction a little bit. Further more, improving their physical health.

Stomach problems

As a result, Diarrhea can also be caused by eating spoiled food, drinking contaminated
water, and climate change. People suffering from this diarrhea can stop
diarrhea if they eat some dates three times a day. Meanwhile it gives strength to the


Phoenix dactylifera have the power to destroy harmful substances in the body. Meanwhile, researchers
have found that people who regularly eat Phoenix dactylifera  have a lower risk of developing Kidney Cancer and bowel cancer.


However, fats are very low in phoenix dactylifera and accordingly, rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5,
A1, C, protein and fiber.

Digestion is smooth

This fruit contain soluble and insoluble fiber, as well as a variety of amino
acids too, and then, if taken daily, importantly, can help keep the digestive system healthy and
prevent digestive problems.

Get better energy

This Fruit enhance the body’s energy. This is because it is rich in natural sugars such as glucose,
sucrose and fructose. Even more, if you consume Phoenix dactylifera with milk daily, the laziness of the body will be eliminated and immediately the energy of the body will increase.

Healthy Nervous System

Dates are low in sodium and high in potassium, in the same way, consuming it will improve the health of the nervous system.

Stroke will be prevented

Researchers have found that men are less likely to have a stroke if they consume it daily
because it contains potassium.

Lowering bad cholesterol

If you eat this fruit daily, accordingly, the amount of bad cholesterol in the body will decrease.
Eliminate Anemia
It is good for people with anemia as it contains iron in dates.


Eliminate anemia

However, it is good for people with anemia as it contains iron in Phoenix dactylifera.


People who suffer from constipation, soak the dates in water at night and take dates with
water the next morning to get rid of constipation.

Helps to perform better in bed

dates can help you function better in bed longer. Soak a handful of dates in goat’s milk at
night and grind it with milk the next morning, mix it with honey and cardamom powder and
drink it.

Weight gain

For those who are skinny, eating dates is enough to plump up. Definitely plump. In addition,
drinking alcohol can help flush out toxins that have accumulated in the body.
What are the health changes that take place in the body due to eating 2 dates daily?
Eating dates every day gives us plenty of nutrients. It contains fiber which tends to cause constipation. High in iron. Here are some words of advice to get you started:

Phoenix dactylifera are not the only fruit that tickles. It also helps to improve our physical health. And it contain a lot of nutrients. 3.5 ounces of dates meet the required 20% potassium per day. It has 7 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, and a lot of
 Antioxidants. It also contains
nutrients such as copper, manganese, vitamin B6, magnesium and iron.


Fresh dates appear in red or yellow. Dried fruits are found in golden brown. There are more
than 3000 types of dates worldwide.

Accordingly, Doctors say that if you eat 2 fruit every day for a week, you will get the following benefits. Now let’s see what the benefits are.

Improves digestive power

dates are high in fiber and act as an important component of digestion. It is used to push
waste through the colon. When you add this to your diet your digestive power improves. If
you have constipation you can take it at the rate of two dates daily.

Provides energy to the body

do not increase our blood sugar level. But giving our body the sustainable energy it
needs. And its glycemic index is very low. Thus there is no need to fear that it will raise
blood sugar. Gives lasting energy without losing energy on a daily basis.

Can prevent diseases

Antioxidants are high in dates. Thus preventing cells from being damaged. There are 3 types
of oxidants found in dates, such as figs and plums.


Additionally, it is an antioxidant. It is used to reduce inflammation in the body. Studies show that they help reduce the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s and some types of cancer.


Moreover, these antioxidants help improve heart health. consequently, helps prevent eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Additionally, helps to keep eyes healthy.

Phenolic acid

This will reduce the risk of developing heart disease and cancer. So dates protect you from

Age-related mood problems

Getting the right nutrients is essential for our brain to function healthily. Dates help prevent
Alzheimer’s disease.

Phoenix dactylifera have the ability to prevent the formation of amyloid beta protein plaques in the brain.
When these plaques form, they interfere with communication between brain cells and the
cells die at a rapid rate. According to other animal studies these dates reduce anxiety related

Consume Low white sugar

If we consume too much sugar it will lead to our obesity. Refined sugars are found in many
different foods in many diets. So those who want to reduce sugar levels should take healthy
home cooked foods.

Sugar Addiction

So if your tongue is addicted to sugar eat dates instead of sugar. Even in a lot of similar
recipes you can add dates instead of sugar. Dates Put in a mixing bowl and leave the water to
make a paste. So when you prepare baking foods, use this dates paste in the ratio of 1: 1
instead of sugar. It contains a lot of fiber and antioxidants.

2 dates per day

Bring Phoenix dactylifera, to 2 a day. Because it is high in calories, two a day is enough. You can reap a lot
of benefits from this.
Use Phoenix dactylifera, paste instead of sugar in similar foods. This will give you sustainable energy
throughout the day and keep you active.

Eat dates at early morning

Eating dates in the early morning will increase the energy your body needs. Also, taking
these in the morning helps to kill intestinal worms. In addition to improving heart and liver
health, it also has the potential to cleanse the body of waste from vital organs.
Doctors say people with diabetes can eat dates. Eat up to two or three
fruits daily.
Will eating dates soaked in honey solve your Long-Term Problems.

This Dry Fruit soaked in honey

Infact, we all know that dates are rich in nutrients. Do you know how much benefit such dates have if mixed with medicinal honey? Specifically, benefits of eating dates soaked in honey …


Put seedless dates in a glass bottle, pour enough honey to cover the dates and eat 3 days later.

Eating Method:

If you continue to eat honey soaked dates daily in the morning and evening for a month, you
will notice a change in the body.


1 ..

 If eaten Phoenix dactylifera, soaked in honey, the blockages in the blood vessels will be removed and
the blood flow in the body will be at a healthy level. Any problem that stays healthy for a
long time will run away when the blood flow in the body is healthy.

2 ..

Phoenix dactylifera are high in iron. If you soak these dates in honey and eat them, the amount of blood
in the body will increase and you can get rid of anemia quickly.


Those who are more prone to hernia problems, by eating dates soaked in honey, will
eliminate constipation and regulate hernia. Importantly this will prevent the risk of
developing bowel cancer.

4 ..

For those who want to Lose Weight, eating dates soaked in honey can prevent frequent
hunger and reduce weight fast.

5 ..

Phoenix dactylifera soaked in honey, keep heart function healthy and reduce the risk of heart disease.
Somehow the beta-D-glucan in it reduces the body’s absorption of cholesterol and prevents
heart disease due to cholesterol problems.

Instant Energy

Naturally sweeter than dates. Rich in sucrose, fructose and glucose. Relieves depression in
the afternoon and gives the body the Immediate Energy it needs. Also, it is rich in starch
which helps in Good Health.

Heart warming

It is rich in potassium, which protects us from heart disease. Gives strength to a weak heart.
Helps greatly in reducing bad fat. Reduces the chance of heart attack and stroke.

High Blood Pressure

People with
high blood pressure, can control their Blood Pressure by eating 3,Phoenix dactylifera  daily.

Strengthens the bone

It contains micro-nutrients like manganese, magnesium and selenium which strengthen the
bone.Phoenix dactylifera  can be combined with food. Helps in bone growth. Also, it protects us from bone
disease like osteoporosis. In particular, women should include Dates in their diet.

Cures Skeleton Disease in Women.

Helps to reduce the pain caused by osteoporosis in the elderly.
To augment memory
Vitamin and Potassium nutrients in it help the brain (Brain) to function actively.

Helps to
increase nervous system

function and keep you healthy. Prevents memory loss in memory
loss sufferers.

Anyone who consumes 3 Phoenix dactylifera daily will have improved brain function. That means
increasing memory, concentration, sharp intellect, and the ability to learn anything easily.

Resolving constipation

There is a perception that Phoenix dactylifera can cause constipation. But, in fact dates act as an excellent

To correct constipation, soak three dates in water overnight on the first day. Drink
their juice in the morning. dates are high in fiber; Soluble. It helps to expel water from the
digestive tract. Helps keep bowel movements healthy. It is an excellent remedy for diarrhea
and increases digestive power.

Additional benefits

In the same way, Eating six fruits daily will increase body weight.
Eye disease can be cured if you continue to eat.
Organic sulfur in Phoenix dactylifera can cure allergies and allergies in the body.
Causes a regular Menstrual Cycle In Women.
Can Cure Stomach Cancer.
Eating pattern
Whether dry or fresh, they should be thoroughly washed, cleaned and eaten.
Can be eaten with or without food.
In fact, Almonds, walnuts, raisins, cashews, etc. can be consumed as a juice.
(Dates seed) can be roasted and powdered and drunk with coffee.
Eating dates twice a day along with nuts will boost the body’s Immune System.

Garlic-Do you know the miracles if you eat garlic Daily?

Do you know the miracles that happen in the body if you eat a piece of garlic every day?


Garlic is a substance that has been added to the diet for centuries with various medicinal properties. This garlic not only enhances the taste of the food but also gives a good aroma to the food. Garlic, an important ingredient in the kitchen, can cure some common ailments. This is because of the sulfur compound in the pound called allicin. Garlic also called as allium sativum (Botanical Name).

Eat Garlic Cloves Daily

If you eat garlic cloves daily, you will get the nutrients you need for good health and your body will be safe from the attacks of various diseases. That’s why our grandmothers and mothers tell us to eat garlic without throwing it away. Below are given the miracles that occur in the body due to eating garlic daily.

You will become more attractive

If men eat garlic daily, it will increase their attractiveness. However there is an opinion among the people that if garlic is eaten, its smell will cause some sort of bad odor when speaking. But recent research has shown that this is not the case

Impress a Women

It is enough for a man to eat 2 cloves of garlic to impress a woman. That too the man must eat 12 hours before going on a date with a woman. In doing so, the male body odor will attract more women. However, this phenomenon is somewhat difficult for scientists to explain. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

Improving Immunity

Eat Garlic, and it protects against various germs. We would have heard our grandmothers tell us to eat garlic even when we had a cold. But if allium sativum is eaten daily, it may ward off the various health problems encountered in winter. This is because it contains a lot of vitamins, beneficial oils and amino acids. It also contains an organic compound called allicin which kills bacteria and fungi. So there is no doubt that eating allium sativum daily will strengthen one’s immune system.


People with high blood pressure:

who have high blood pressure should include allium sativum in their daily diet. This will dilate the blood vessels and reduce the arterial pressure. So to cure high blood pressure, you need to eat 4 cloves of allium sativum daily.

Bad Cholesterol

People with high blood pressure who have high blood pressure should include garlic in their daily diet. This will dilate the blood vessels and reduce the arterial pressure. So to cure high blood pressure, you need to eat 4 cloves of allium sativum  daily.

Memory Power

According to a theory that improves memory, the human body and brain produce energy by ingesting the food and oxygen we eat due to the chemical antioxidant reaction as we age. But this process destroys the cells and over time the skin shrinks, stopping the brain from sharpening. The anti-oxidants in the pound fight against excess antioxidants and help maintain youth. Overall garlic can reduce the risk of memory loss during old age. Also eating allium sativum daily will improve memory and increase the productivity of the brain. So allium sativum can help your brain function better.

athlete, sports, stadium-3819653.jpg


Consume Garlic,  that increases stamina and keeps the heart and muscles functioning effectively. If you are an athlete, make it a habit to eatallium sativum  daily. In ancient Greece,allium sativum  was given to Olympic athletes. Because it made them perform better than their competitors. So eating  allium sativum daily will increase the stamina of the body

enhances skin and hair growth

Allium sativum enhances skin and hair growth and promotes hair growth and density. For bald head, grind garlic cloves and apply on scalp, then rinse hair with cold water. Garlic oil can be used if desired. Also eating garlic daily will increase the collagen level and elasticity in the skin.


Allium Sativum has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so it is excellent in fighting tooth decay. Because of its medicinal properties, it destroys germs that affect the gums and teeth and cures inflammation in the gums. Mainly allium sativum property will reduce the risk of tooth decay. So if you want your teeth to be healthy, start eating garlic daily.

Weight Loss


For those who suffer from obesity, it is better to eat garlic to dissolve body fat. Somehow as a result of the complex chemical reactions that take place in the body when eating garlic, azone is activated and causes acidity in the blood and destroys fat deposits. When eatingallium sativum  daily, it prevents unwanted obesity. So if you want to be skinny, eat garlic daily.

Try eating like this in the morning!

3 cloves of garlic, a few drops of honey! Try eating like this in the morning!
Garlic is a wonderful antioxidant, which also helps in weight loss. We can get more benefits from consuming honey-garlic mixture regularly in the morning.

Health benefits of garlic :

Allium sativum is an irreplaceable ingredient in Indian cuisine. It is added to vegetables, curries and nuts. Just a few cloves of allium sativum is enough to give your dish the right taste and aroma. In addition to stimulating the taste in foods, garlic also has many health benefits. They can be found here.

Method of Preparation:

Cut a garlic into 3-4 pieces and add a few drops of honey and cook for a few minutes. Now chew them. If you know the taste of pound a little too much, you can also drink 2-3 cups of warm water.

 Prepare Daily:

10 chopped allium sativum can be mixed with 5 tablespoons of honey and stored for daily use. You can eat a teaspoon of this mixture daily. Also be sure to store this mixture in an airtight bottle.

Best Time to Consume:

The best time to get this mixture of honey and garlic is in the morning. Always combine honey with allium sativum  because eating allium sativum uncooked can cause acidity. In fact, honey and garlic can help treat stomach infections, and treats them naturally.

Amazing Benefits :

Always consume Garlic and it is a wonderful antioxidant, which helps in weight loss. Take honey-garlic mixture regularly in the morning and get more benefits from it. Because garlic is naturally thin, it helps stabilize high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Honey on the other hand is helpful for heart patients because it lowers LDL, which is a type of bad cholesterol.

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Health Benefits :

Garlic is a storehouse of antibiotic and antifungal compounds such as the antibiotic and alligen, which not only protects you from infections but also treats the common cold and cough.
Consumption of honey and allium sativum on an empty stomach is usually recommended by dieticians to treat acid reflux and regenerative events.

Weight Loss:

Will you lose weight soon ..? Just consume this at early morning on an empty stomach ..!

As per antiquated convictions honey and garlic together can be an amazing compound that supports digestion and assists individuals with getting in shape duly weight Loss. Do allium sativum and honey really help in weight loss? Let’s get married about it.

Supporting Weight Loss:

There is no conclusive evidence that taking these two products together can help with weight loss. For this, it does not mean that you should not try this process. Both allium sativum  and honey have unique health benefits. They do not directly help you lose weight or speed up the fat burning process. But experts say they will definitely support your weight loss process.

Nutrition Facts :

How does allium sativum  and honey help in weight loss? Garlic is a nutritious force. It is rich in Vitamin B6 and C, Fiber, Manganese and Calcium. It assumes a significant part in your weight loss.

How to consume garlic and honey:

Peel a few allium sativum cloves and grate it. Take a teaspoon of honey in a small bowl and mix with the crushed allium sativum . Mix these two ingredients properly and let it soak for 15-20 minutes. It is necessary to eat this just in the morning. This can be eaten in excess and stored in the refrigerator for 3 days. Consume this compound only one time in a day.

Consuming Dosage:

Do not use more than two cloves of allium sativum  when preparing this mixture daily. Ingestion of large amounts of allium sativum can lead to bad breath, burning sensation in the mouth or stomach, heartburn, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, body odor and diarrhea. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking blood thinners, it is important to consult your doctor before taking honey and garlic together.

Research Results :

As per a research center test on rodents,eating garlic for about two months can assist with decreasing the level of fat in the body. It boosts the immune system, removes toxins from the body and boosts metabolism.

Energy :

Similarly honey acts as a fuel in the body. It helps to produce glucose for energy. Glucose keeps the brain’s sugar levels high and powers it to deliver fat-burning hormones. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation and prevent diseases caused by free radicals.


Benefits to the body in a single day of eating fried garlic!:

Use Garlic in your recipe, and it  is a wonderful food, both in taste and in health. Many people cook it with food, and some eat it raw.

Regulates Hypertension:

Eating allium sativum  corrects one’s blood pressure problems, cholesterol disorders, etc., and blood vessels become lighter, which can drive away heart related problems.

Similarly, allium sativum prevents the accumulation of bad fats in our body and inhibits the hormone angiotensin II.

How to eat garlic?:

Roast and eat six allium sativum cloves. Take a look at the benefits of this in our body: * Within an hour of eating, the garlic will be digested.

Results :

* Starting in the next hour, allium sativum fights free-radicals in the body, protects health and destroys cancer cells.

* Over the next two hours, the body’s metabolism will be stimulated, reducing unwanted water and fat.
* After six to seven hours, garlic enters the bloodstream, fights bacteria and gives health to the body.

Amazing Results:

* Over the next hour, the body absorbs the nutrients of the pound, which acts as the best defense. * Only then will the real great benefits of garlic begin to be known, and garlic will cure many heart-related problems, give the body good immunity, strengthen bones, and relieve fatigue.

Active & Healthy :

In short, only six roasted garlic cloves a day is enough to keep you active and healthy throughout the day.

Healthy food to eat daily for a healthy life style

Healthy Food to eat daily for a healthy life style

Know what are the important healthy food required for good health and eat it without fail.Eating healthy food will increase the immunity.

The problems we all have today are due to the food we consume. Doctors have also said this.The result of changing our diets is that many of us suffer from more diseases without health. The reason the body lacks Immunity is because we do not eat the right foods. We buy and eat it for the taste in the food items sold in the stores. But we don’t think about the problems that result from that. The main reason why our physical condition is not right is because of our environment and our changing Eating Habits.

Benefits of eating soaked almonds!

healthy food
Eat soaked almonds: why?

Almonds are very tasty. It tastes great when taken as it is! Experts say that eating almonds is not good. There are many benefits to soaking it overnight and eating it in the morning.

What are the benefits?

1. Lipase is an enzyme released from almonds soaked in water. When we eat this, the other foods we eat are easily digested.

2. You know that there are two types of food, bad cholesterol, good cholesterol and good cholesterol. Soaked almonds have the property of reducing the bad and increasing the good. It is good for our health, especially our heart.

3. Eating soaked almonds increases the level of alpha tocopherol in our blood. Thus blood pressure is under control, as well as soaked almonds control Blood Sugar Levels.

4. The fats in almonds are good for the body. As these fill the stomach, we will not eat too much junk food and will Lose Weight.

5. When pregnant women get enough folic acid, the baby grows healthier and birth defects decrease. Soaked almonds provide this folic acid.

6. In addition, the anti-oxidants in soaked almonds help to rejuvenate the vitamin B17 in it, which fights cancer. There are many more benefits like this.

healthy food

Healthy Food-Okra Health Benefits :

Take Daily two or three okra  and clean it and cut off the tip and bottom and keep soaking overnight in a cup of water. If you take only that water in an empty stomach at the early morning for a few months, leukemia, diabetes and many more problems such as swelling of the legs and leg pain due to inability to bear body weight.

It would be useful for anyone to share this information as there are many people in the world who do not leave this information as something else !!

Amla Indian Gooseberry Immunity Booster :

Your immune system is determined by your eating habits and the lifestyle you choose.
Benefits of drinking gooseberry juice daily Let’s take a look at the benefits of gooseberry which gives youth and health. Indian gooseberry is a plant belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. It is widely used in Indian medicine. The pods are fleshy, globose, pale green or yellow.

The role of this gooseberry (Amla), also known as the royal fruit following the lemon, is enormous. It belongs only to a special gooseberry called Longevity Fruit. Gooseberry is a nutritious fruit that can be cooked, steamed, dried or chopped without wasting its total benefits. Indian gooseberry is widely used in Ayurveda and Unani medicine.

Benefits of Goose Berry:

(amla)Gooseberries can be made into pickles, chutneys, juices, chocolates, and marmalades.
Amla or gooseberry Amla or gooseberry is known to be a rich source of vitamin C. These are powerful antioxidants and immune boosters that increase vitamin.
Vitamin C in gooseberry helps in improving the function of antibodies and white blood cells. Also rich in antioxidants, they help manage antioxidant pressure and free radicals that cause infections.
Amla is a common ingredient in most Ayurvedic products. It has also been a staple in ancient herbal preparations. It also acts as an excellent immune booster to help prevent infections.

Amla (Gooseberry Juice : 

In this case, let’s see what are the benefits of drinking gooseberry juice. * Chromium nutrients in gooseberry prevent heart related problems. Strengthens the heart Muscles. Regulates blood flow. Prevents blockages in the blood vessels in the heart valves. Prevents heart attack. Gives strength to the heart.

Vitamin C in gooseberry dissolves and removes excess bad fats stored in the body. Increases the amount of protein in the body and helps to control body weight.

Amla Juice Lowers Dangerous Disease Risk :

Increases red blood cells by removing toxins from the blood. The kidneys work to filter out wastes in the blood. Gooseberry juice acts as an excellent diuretic for those who have trouble urinating.

Bile is involved in the digestion of food and the transport of nutrients from it to the body. This can dissolve gallstones if the gallbladder is healthy. Also prevents the formation of gallstones.

The test can confirm that the hemoglobin level increases in a particular month if honey  mixed with gooseberry juice is eaten daily.

Gooseberry Juice Making Method :

Wash the ginger, remove the skin and keep aside. Then wash the gooseberries well, remove the nuts and chop finely. Put gooseberries in the mix and grind with ginger and 2 cups water. Add as much water as you need and grind well. Drain the minced juice, add honey and lemon juice and drink.

Building a strong immune system in our body is not a one or two day process. These will definitely take a lot of days. Also, your eating habits and the lifestyle you choose will determine your immunity.

Important of Healthy Food :

The choice of foods, functional levels, quality of sleep, hygiene, etc. all ensure that your body develops immunity. And the role of vitamins and minerals in boosting the immune system is enormous. So we need to eat foods that are chosen to enhance the immune system in our body. Here are 5 super foods that will give you immunity in that category.

Healthy Food

Do you know about the wonders of adding beetroot to your diet every day?

healthy food

Healthy Food, Beetroot contains numerous medicinal properties. If you do not have the habit of eating beetroot then give it up after reading this and eat beetroot daily. Let us now look at the benefits of eating like that.

Benefits of eating beetroot: – Substances in beetroot dilate arterial walls and regulate blood flow. So if people with high blood pressure eat beetroot daily, their blood pressure will be normalized.

It contains beta cyanine, and soluble fiber. These strengthen the cells, dissolve the fat in the blood vessels and prevent problems such as chest pain and stroke.

Beetroot is high in folic acid. These are the main nutrients needed by pregnant women. Apart from this beetroot is high in iron which does not cause anemia.

Drinking a tumbler of beetroot juice daily will prevent bone problems. Also protects against fatigue and physical exhaustion.

The cyanines in it stop the growth of cancerous tumors and prevent cancer. Excess fiber in it will correct constipation.

healthy food

Do you know what happens if you eat a carrot every day?

Carrots are high in fiber, potassium and beta carotene. Eating this regularly will reduce the amount of excess fat in the body. As has been revealed in studies. Let’s now look at the benefits of eating carrots.

Benefits of eating one carrot daily: –

Carrots can be fully digested if they are eaten raw rather than cooked or in tablet form. Thus preventing heart disease. Eating one cup of carrots daily for 3 weeks can lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. This is because of the fiber in it.

Steaming the carrot releases beta carotene which is trapped in its hard walls. Adding a little butter while cooking carrots will help the body absorb its total nutrients well. Beta carotene is converted into vitamin-A once it enters our body. It also helps in clearing the eyesight and brightening the skin.
There are many causes for night blindness. Healthy Food, Carrots can be cured only if the disease is due to vitamin-A deficiency.

Need to drink carrot juice daily:

Do you know why the carat got the name plant gold? Carrots got their name from the fact that our mane is shiny if we eat carrots in the same way that gold jewelry gives shine to our mane.

It is best to eat carrots rich in nutrients. This is low cost nutrition. It is better to grind fresh carrots in a mixer immediately.

Is high in vitamin B. Easily digested. It is good to drink carrot juice daily for chest irritation. Flatulence will disappear. Cleansing the stomach. Intestinal disease does not occur. Carrot juice is good medicine for liver or stomach stones or ulcers.

Healthy Food-Carrot Juice Lowers the Risk of Dangerous Illness :

Regulates heart rate. Prevents blood from clotting and heart attack. It is good to drink carrot juice daily to cure jaundice quickly. Ayurvedic doctors say that you should drink carrot juice daily for leukemia.

Dizziness, Insects in the stomach are expelled without medication, the skin is dry and shiny, acne pimples may disappear and redness. Chest pain, joint pain and back pain will disappear.

Drink a tumbler of carat juice daily to prevent menstrual cramps and menstrual cramps at regular intervals. Good for children, the elderly, the sick, pregnant women. Mix lemon juice and mint with carrot juice and drink it without adding salt to get rid of constipation.

Vitamin A found in carrots is good for the eyes. If you drink it daily, you will get rid of eye irritation and depression and get light vision. Memory power increases and intelligence increases. If you have seven or eight almonds with carrot juice, your brain will be alert. Good for the brain. The madness will subside Hair grows longer without shedding.

If you chew 6 Pepper daily, viral diseases will not come close to you!

Pepper has a special place among the unique spices of India. There is an interesting connection between the history of India and pepper. This is because the British first set foot in India to buy peppers.

Pepper has the quality of attracting all the international individuals to that extent. It belongs to the flag type. Its young fruits are harvested in six to eight months.

Apart from this, the vine, leaf and root of the pepper are useful parts. Pepper is referred to as ‘black gold’ because the pepper trade is so lucrative. History has it that in ancient times the region used pepper instead of money.

For severe Cold:

Pepper has a role to play in increasing the activity of the lungs, colds, lungs and digestive organs. People suffering from asthma are advised to chew 6 chillies daily.

Infectious disease:

Chewing 6 peppercorns daily destroys germs in the body and prevents infections and other ailments such as fever.


The foods we eat today are full of oxidants. Eating these can cause infertility in some men. Chewing 6 chillies daily can cure male infertility.


If you chew 6 peppers daily, your teeth will be strong and healthy. Pepper is the best medicine to prevent inflammation of the gums in the mouth and the production of tooth decay germs.

Blood pressure:

Everyone close to the age of forty has high blood pressure. Chewing 6 chillies daily can help maintain a balanced blood pressure.

Medicinal properties of pepper:

Pepper contains mineral salts such as calcium, iron and phosphorus, as well as vitamins such as carotene, thiamine, riboflavin and riazin. Pepper is widely used in paranormal medicine.

Pepper removes gas from the stomach, warms the body and dissolves inflammation. It has the ability to cure fever in the body. It is spicy and fragrant. Digestion of food. Eliminates food poisoning. 

Indian Gooseberry health benefits and nutrition facts

Indian Gooseberry Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts

Indian Gooseberry  health benefits are given below in detail in this article, Indian Gooseberry is also known as  Amla in India and also called as Nellikkai and it controls Blood Sugar Levels. Specifically, Heals the wounds in the body quickly.  And also heals stomach ulcers. In the mean time, it is Good for the heart too. This Amla also Prevents infections. When Metabolism takes place in our body, by the way wastes are expelled from every cell. If these wastes are not eliminated, the body is prone to inflammation and particularly growing cancer cells. The polyphenols, tannins and flavonoids are  particularly in large gooseberries provide immunity and prevent the above problems.

Do you get colds if you eat big size Indian Gooseberry ?.

Most people believe that eating large gooseberries will catch colds. In fact, the immune system expels the mucus from our body, which is why we think we have a cold. But, eating gooseberry at night can cause sore throat.

Indian Gooseberry Health Benefits- helps to control blood sugar 

Indian Gooseberry controls blood sugar. Regulates Insulin Secreting Cells. Helps to correct Metabolism and lower LDL cholesterol.The chromium in Indian gooseberry is used to regulate the heartbeat and prevent blockages in the coronary arteries. Nelly is high in fiber which helps in regulating bowel movements and relieves Constipation. Corrects intestinal ulcers. Excess waste in the body acts to expel toxins.

Amazing Health Benefits of Amla

The carotene and antioxidants in it help the hair roots to grow well, stimulate the hair roots, turn the hair darker and prevent dandruff. As it is high in Vitamin A, carotene helps prevent cataracts and reduces the Pressure inside the eye. It strengthens the liver by regulating the glands in the liver, and helps to flush out toxins and toxins that stay in the liver. Amla Prevents abdominal pain that occurs during menstruation in women. It also contains nutrients like Vitamin C which corrects skin wrinkles, blisters, spots and Metabolism and delays aging.

Indian gooseberry health benefits
Indian Gooseberry Health Benefits

No one wants to look younger at the age of fifty?. Stay tuned for the fulfillment of your desire.

Gooseberry, which is a little too sour, a little sweet, residual, and a little bitter, is now widely used in every home as an indelible fruit. The role of this gooseberry, also known as the King of fruit following the lemon, is enormous. It belongs only to a special gooseberry called Longevity Fruit. Gooseberry is a nutritious fruit that can be cooked, boiled, dried or chopped without wasting its total benefits. 

Anti Ageing Properties

This gooseberry is also helpful for those who want to be younger as age 16 forever. This is stated in Ayurveda and Siddhars. Nelly is widely used in Ayurveda and Unani medicine. Studies are also listing the benefits of gooseberry. The other nutrients in gooseberry which has wonderful properties that delay aging. Can you see the benefits of drinking gooseberry juice in the morning on an empty stomach and what is the cure for it?

Indian Gooseberry Health benefits

Nutrients in Amla

The whole Amla tree has medicinal properties. Both small gooseberry and large gooseberry or wild gooseberry, which grow in clusters with small leaves, have good qualities. The bark, root, leaf and flower of the Amla tree are all used in medicine.

Healthy food for growing children

We would have tasted gooseberries in Childhood At School. Amla is 80% water rich. It is rich in protein, starch, fiber, vitamin Iron, phosphorus, carotene polyphenols and vitamin B complex. Although described as the apple of the poor, it is true that it contains more nutrients than apples. How do you say? Look at the nutrients in 100 grams of gooseberry.

Indian Gooseberry Nutrition Facts

Amla contain 20 times more vitamin C than Orange. Amla has 3 times more protein than apple. Gooseberry promotes the absorption of iron in the body. Gooseberry Contents hydration -82%,Protein -0.5%, Fat -0.1%, Starch -14%,Fiber -3.5%, Calcium-50 unit Phosphorus-20 unit, Iron -1.2 unit, Vitamin C-600 unit Etc. are the nutrients present in 10 g of gooseberry juice.

Heart health

The only organ that works without rest is the heart. The heart is responsible for doing the work of pumping blood to other organs in the body. So more importance should be given to the heart than other organs. The chromium nutrients in gooseberry prevent heart disease. Strengthens the heart muscles. Regulates blood flow. Prevents blockages in the blood vessels in the heart valves. Prevents heart attack. and Strengthens the heart.

Reduces fat

Vitamin C in gooseberry dissolves excess bad fats in the body. Increases the amount of protein in the body and helps to Control Body Weight. Gooseberry is definitely beneficial for those who want to lose weight.

Indian Gooseberry Preventing Dangerous Disease

Kidney Health

Increases red blood cells by removing toxins from the blood. The kidneys work to filter out wastes in the blood. Gooseberry juice acts as an excellent diuretic for those who have difficulty in passing urine. Gooseberry, which is rich in water, dissolves citrate and calcium deposits in the Kidneys and excretes them in the urine.

Bone density

Today, calcium deficiency causes arthritis at an early age. The calcium nutrients in gooseberry act to complement this calcium. Growing children can get strong bones and grow healthy if they mix honey with gooseberry juice in the morning on an empty stomach.


Bile is involved in the digestion of food and the transport of nutrients from it to the body. This can dissolve gallstones if the gallbladder is healthy. Preventing the formation of Stones In The Gallbladder. Gooseberry juice also destroys infections and germs in the liver and thus truly prevents jaundice. And food waste that stays in the small intestine, such as the colon, can weaken these organs.

Indian Gooseberry Amazing Health Benefits

Eating unhealthy food is the root cause of most diseases. It is also questionable indeed whether we get the full nutrients we need in search of such a Healthy Diet. At the same time, even daily fast foods, semi-fast foods, and soft drinks mixed with chemicals can cause stomach allergies and ulcers.

Mouth ulcer

When suffering from mouth ulcers, put Indian Gooseberry leaves in water and boil it and filter the water then gargle to get rid of invisible germs in the mouth. Gooseberry juice is good for mouth ulcers and if you drink it after blistering, not only mouth ulcers but also stomach ulcers will decrease and specifically, Strengthens dental gums.

Increasing hemoglobin.

Most people today have very low hemoglobin levels. Thus they suffer from anemia, physical fatigue and mental exhaustion. The test can confirm that the hemoglobin level increases in a particular month, if gooseberry juice mixed with honey and consume it daily.

Helps Sharp Eye sight 

Due to Vitamin deficiency kids are Wearing Glass is becoming more common at a young age. Myopia, farsighted cataracts, and gooseberries begin to decrease in severity if people with eye disorders eat them. Gooseberry juice is definitely helpful if you want to get sharp eye sight even after aging.

Guava Fruit Health Benefits nutrition Facts Revealed

Guava Fruit Health Benefits Nutrition Facts Revealed

Guava fruit has many medicinal benefits. In fact, it is the only fruit that helps in improving your body weight in a balanced manner from boosting the immune system. There are many types of guava, some with thick skin and some with thin skin. Guava is rich in vitamins B and C, as well as minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Guava fruits and seeds are low in protein, fat and starch, but high in fiber, minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus. Three-quarters of the fruit contains more vitamin C than well-ripened fruit.

Chewing guava leaves in the mouth and brushing the teeth as it is will remove dental ailments, loose teeth, remove tooth decay, remove toothache and whiten teeth. Removes dry skin and brightens the complexion. Grind the leaves of the guava tree and apply it on the sores and they will heal quickly. Removes dry skin and brightens the complexion. Grind the leaves of the guava tree and apply it on the sores and they will heal quickly.

This Fruit is high in potassium, which helps keep Blood Pressure steady. Regular consumption of guava can control Blood Sugar Levels. Guava has the power to prevent even the world’s most deadly cancer. Guava is rich in anti-cancer properties. People with cancer can reduce their risk of cancer by consuming guava daily. Guava is rich in Vitamin C, which is essential for the Growth Of Children. Reducing body heat and cooling. People who are not hungry will get better if they eat a well-ripened guava fruit. Guava has the ability to reproduce Male Sperm.

Guava should not be eaten at night, as well as in moderation for patients with rheumatism and asthma (it is better to avoid eating).

Today’s foods are high in chemical compounds and eating a guava fruit after a meal will strengthen the digestive organs. People with constipation can benefit by eating guava fruit daily. 

Guava fruit is high in vitamin A, which helps to alleviate eye deficiency in pregnant women and the developing fetus. Guava fruit is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Iron.Potassium is found in large quantities in this Guava fruit. This can prevent heart disease and protect the heart from various ailments. And Guava Fruit also helps to keep Blood Pressure in balance.

Benefits of eating Guava often 

This Guava Gives children physical growth and strengthens bones. If you eat a guava every day, the body heat will  cool down. If you eat two guava fruits a day, you will not have constipation. Guava is good for reducing the risk of diabetes. It has the ability to control the level of sugar in the blood. Guava skin is high in nutrients. Thus the skin should not be removed and eaten. Removes dry skin and gives radiance and beauty to the face. Guava fruit contains nutrients such as folic acid and vitamin B9, which help the baby’s brain and nervous system to function properly.

Nowadays foods are high in chemicals that can cause acidosis and stomach ulcers. To get rid of this, you can eat guava after meal. It is also good to eat Guava frequently to strengthen the liver.

Do you know what changes can occur in the body if you eat cinnamon in the summer? 

There are plenty of fruits on this earth. But, only some of them fruits keep the whole body healthy. You do not have to do anything to get a healthy body structure. Instead it is enough to eat some fruits regularly. That order also includes Guava. 

Guava has various glories. Guava has the power to prevent various terrible diseases. This type of fruit is more productive during the summer than other seasons. Doctors also say that this guava is the best way to deal with the current severe heat. Eating guava can prevent many dangerous diseases. No longer will we learn about what diseases eating guava fruit can protect us from.

Although there are many types of fruit, guava has a unique character. Its taste, its health, its character … In every way, this fruit does us good. It has so much glory because it has a sweet and slightly astringent taste. It is rich in Vitamin A, Potassium and Vitamin C. 

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. The main reason for this is the fiber in it. Also, this fruit helps to prevent digestive disorders. In addition it increases the production of insulin.

If people with anemia and low immunity eat a guava fruit every day for 48 days, the iron in it will cure the anemia and prevent it from coming back and purify the blood and build up immunity in the body.      

Guava Fruit

Guava is high in water content. Eating a guava from time to time during this hot season will not cause dehydration. Also, this fruit helps to keep the body cool. Potassium is found in large quantities in this fruit. This can prevent heart disease and protect the heart from various ailments. Cinnamon also helps to keep blood pressure in balance. Guava is rich in nutrients and minerals. As well as a myriad of antioxidants. Therefore, this fruit gives the ability to fight germs. Eating guava during the summer can help prevent diseases.

Summer is more stressful than other seasons. The root cause of this is the external environment like high sun. Eating guava can reduce high blood pressure and prevent depression. Eating guava can lower the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Also, increase good cholesterol. This can easily prevent heart attacks such as heart attack. It also helps to reduce obesity.

Guava is rich in magnesium which helps in lightening the nerves and keeping them healthy. As well as reducing the stress on the muscles and protecting the health of the body. Eating a guava every day during the summer can protect you from infections that can occur during the summer. Country guava has more benefits than ordinary guava. Therefore, eating this is special.

Coconut Health Benefits, Amazing Nutrition Facts Revealed

Coconut Health Benefits, Amazing Nutrition Facts Revealed

Coconut Health Benefits

Coconut Health Benefits are, You get all the nutrients you need by eating coconut. People with kidney infections should eat coconut on an empty stomach every morning. This will gradually reduce the risk of infections. Benefits of eating coconut !! For those who chew a little coconut every day, the fat and oil content of Coconut mixes with the blood and enhances the radiance of the skin. Coconut is high in protein and selenium. These prevent problems such as hair loss and thinning hair. 

The water in coconut protects your body and skin, except that it increases the moisture in the skin and reduces dryness. Coconut is used by people with epilepsy to reduce its seizures. Coconut contains about 61 percent fiber. It also increases the enzyme required for digestion and helps your foods to be easily digested.

What many people see as a problem today is hair graying at a young age, hair loss, and thinning hair. Thus leaving their mental state and physical condition exhausting. The protein and selenium in coconut helps to enhance the beauty of your hair.

You get all the nutrients you need by eating coconut. People with kidney infections should eat coconut on an empty stomach every morning. This will gradually reduce the risk of infections.

Why eat a slice of coconut raw every day?

coconut health benefits

It is true to say that coconut has a lot of fat. But there are two types of fat, LDL and HDL. Coconut is rich in balanced fats that are good for the body. It adds good fat to the body, especially when eaten raw. But when we heat the coconut that we are cooking, the fat in the coconut is likely to increase. That is why adults say that if you break a coconut and eat it raw within half an hour, it is like nectar to the body.

Benefits of Drinking coconut milk 

Coconut health benefits

Without coconut in some form, no house can be seen in India. Whether it’s the women’s kitchen or the decor box or the medicine cabinet, all of these are in some form made from coconut. For women, ground coconut or coconut milk is used in cooking. It is also used as an oil to rub on the hair. In this case, the reason for its inclusion is its medicinal properties. Whichever form you use it for, there will definitely be benefits accordingly. Well first let’s look at the benefits of coconut oil we use.

Such coconut oil does not only give a wonderful aroma. It also helps to keep the scalp as soft as a cloud. Its moisture content is an important factor. Even for those who have straightened their hair using chemicals and have natural hair, isn’t moisture essential for hair to grow well and stay strong? It is supported by coconut oil.Like coconut oil, milk extracted from coconut has many medicinal properties. Let’s see some of them now : When manganese deficiency occurs in the diabetic body, diabetes occurs. But coconut milk is rich in manganese. Whole grains, beans and peas, nuts also contain high levels of manganese. Copper is the main metal used for many functions of the body which keeps the skin and Blood Vessels flexible. In addition, copper and vitamin C keep the skin and blood vessels elastic and resilient. Such copper is abundant in coconut milk. 

Coconut Milk Health Benefits

Coconut milk, which helps keep bones strong, is rich in phosphorus, despite not having enough calcium. Phosphorus is an important nutrient, especially for strengthening the bones in the body. In addition phosphorus should be taken along with calcium. In doing so, the phosphate mixes with the body, preventing it from melting. Many people in the world are deficient in iron because they do not have enough iron to prevent anemia. Due to iron deficiency, the body stops the increase in Hemoglobin. Thus not getting enough oxygen in the blood cells can cause anemia. One cup of coconut milk provides about 25 percent of the body’s daily requirement of iron.

Relaxing the muscles and nerves Whenever muscle cramps and muscle aches occur, coconut milk can be taken with a little food for good results. Because it is high in magnesium, it is an excellent remedy for muscle aches. Magnesium is also an important component of every nerve cell that acts as a pain reliever. If the body does not have magnesium, calcium will stimulate the nerves. So that the nerve cells are active. Too much nerve cells are too active, causing the muscles to contract too much.

For those who are trying to Lose Weight to help control weight, this is definitely good news. Coconut milk will soon satisfy the hunger. This is because of the high fiber content of coconut milk.


Selenium is an important antioxidant that reduces the risk of arthritis. Such selenium is high in coconut milk. So for those who have arthritis, eating this will give good relief. People with low selenium levels are more likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis. People who are worried about high blood pressure, which can help control high blood pressure, can avoid this problem if they have a diet rich in potassium. This is because potassium helps to reduce the level of blood clots in the body. Coconut milk is high in such potassium. 

Coconut milk helps in stabilizing the immune system in the body, as it keeps the body’s immune system strong and helps to ward off frequent colds and coughs. It is also rich in Vitamin C, which strengthens the body’s immune system.

 Zinc plays an important role in improving the health of the prostate gland in the body by improving the health of the prostate gland. One initial study suggests that it may reduce the activity of cancer cells.

coconut health benefits
Coconut pong inside


Coconut Health Benefits

Coconut Sprouts: Do You Know About Its Health Benefits?

The coconut sprouts are also known as coconut flower or coconut pearl.

Coconut flower to prevent the deadly disease … must eat …

I do not know if you have seen this coconut flower. But not many people know how this is done. This coconut flower is the embryonic development of coconut which is derived from well ripened coconut.

You may ask what we usually have in the coconut flower. We know how many nutrients are in coconut, coconut water and young water. This coconut flower has a much higher level of nutrients than that. You can see more about that in this article.


Coconut flower contains a lot of nutrients. The molecules in it are also used as medicine for many life-threatening deadly diseases. So let’s see what diseases it is used for.


The high levels of nutrients in this coconut flower will double your body’s immunity. Thereby preventing seasonal infections.

mental stress

People with high workload will look very tired both Mentally and physically. When you are like that, if you eat coconut flower, your body will get excessive energy. Can be exciting throughout the day.

To increase digestion

This coconut flower is an excellent remedy for people with indigestion. The minerals and vitamins in this coconut flower protect the intestines and relieve constipation. Chases indigestion.


This coconut flower has a tremendous power to stimulate insulin secretion. So eating this coconut flower often helps a lot in controlling the high level of Sugar In Your Blood.

Heart disease

Fats that build up in the arteries of the heart can cause heart attacks and some other heart-related diseases. Coconut flower also works very well in correcting this fat stagnation problem.


People with thyroid problems may have to take certain medications to correct it, but they may also have to deal with some other side effects caused by the thyroid gland, especially problems like obesity. But did you know that no matter how many years people have been suffering from thyroid problem, eating this coconut flower will start to heal very fast.


This coconut flower has the power to expel free radicals from our body that stimulate cancer cells. This protects us from cancer.

body weight

This coconut flower helps to keep your body weight under control. The amount of calories in it is also very, very low. Thus should not be weighed. It stimulates the Metabolism of our body and helps us to Lose Weight Fast without accumulating fats in the body.


Coconut flower helps to solve all kinds of problems related to the kidneys. Curing infections. This coconut flower has the power to expel toxins that are formed in the Kidneys.

Youthful brilliance

This coconut flower plays a very important role in keeping our skin very young and radiant without skin wrinkles. The antioxidants in it help to maintain your youth.


Black Cumin Amazing Health Benefits Nutrition Facts

Amazing Health Benefits of Block Cumin

Black Cumin Health benefits: Cancer is a disease that is threatening everyone nowadays. In addition, cancer of the internal organs grows secretly without any symptoms and becomes paralyzed when other organs are paralyzed. But then the situation will get out of hand to the extent that it is incurable. Black cumin seeds are a natural remedy for a variety of ailments, and they also contain essential fatty acids. Protein, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamins B1, B2, and B3 are all present. It treats 40 different diseases. When we cook with black cumin oil, it relieves stomach pain and bloating. It removes waste from the body and improves circulation.

Pancreatic cancer, in particular, is a very Difficult Disease to treat when it arrives, with no easy symptoms. Women who smoke during pregnancy with Diabetes are more likely to get this cancer later on. And many of us get our pancreatic cancer caused by smoking. Block cumin plays a major role in controlling pancreatic cancer, which is challenging for such medicine.

black cumin

Black Cumin Seeeds Health Benefits

When the body’s vital energy is depleted, the number of cancer cells in the body multiplies and grows. Black Cumin boosts the body’s vitality, immunity, and acts as a natural interferon, helping to keep bone marrow production running smoothly and balancing Cholesterol Levels.

It also contains various essential acids for the body such as myristic acid, lactic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, omega-6 fatty acid and folic acid. And black cumin is a known herb that contains nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, vitamins B1, vitamins B2, vitamins B3.

medicinal properties Black fennel seeds plays an important role in reducing skin diseases. * black fennel seeds is used to stimulate appetite. Regulates digestion. * Cures diarrhea.

Black fennel seeds acts as an insecticide. Preventing vomiting. Reducing heart pain. * Grind a little fennel leaves in cow’s milk and apply it on the face and then wash it off to get rid of acne. * Grind black fennel leaves in water, dip in sesame oil and apply on itches and scabies. * Grind black fennel seeds with honey and the pain will change after Childbirth. * Grind the black fennel seeds and apply it on the scalp.

Mix both black cumin seeds powder and coriander powder in milk and eat it to change indigestion. * black fennel seeds powder mixed with yogurt to change indigestion and gas production. * Grind black fennel leaves with Buffalo Milk and apply on the face to get rid of acne. * Grind black kalonji leaves with betel juice and apply it on the ear and cheeks to reduce the swelling. * Boil black kalonji seeds in vinegar and gargle to get good results for toothache.

black kalonji seed oil is the best medicine for Stroke. * If you mix black cumin powder with honey and eat it with hot water, it will dissolve Urinary Stones and remove Urinary Obstruction. * Applying Grinded black fennel seeds as a paste is good for headaches.

Roast black fennel powder and soak it in sesame oil and then drop it in the nose to get rid of a severe cold. * It can give coolness to the hair. Take 4 teaspoons of black cumin seeds and fry lightly. Distill 250 ml of sesame oil and let it boil. (Do not let the oil to smoke). Once cooled, this oil can be filtered and rubbed on the head. To get rid of a chronic cough, cold, or asthma attack, use black cumin. These issues can be cured by mixing a little honey with 1 tsp black cumin powder and 1/2 tsp crushed garlic. To remove a nose block, combine 50 mL coconut oil and 1 tsp black cumin powder in a small saucepan. After filtering if you put 2 drops of this oil nose block will not be around. Black cumin contains a chemical that boosts our immune system. Fennel has the power to prevent toxins from entering our body naturally. This fennel is also a great helper for our bone marrow to produce and function smoothly. It also helps to balance the body’s cholesterol levels.

Fennel contains a variety of essential acids for the body, such as myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, nucleic acid, linoleic acid, omega 6 fatty acids, and folic acid. In addition, fennel is a wonderful medicine that contains nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B1, B2, B3.

Black Cumin Seeds Medical Properties

Fennel stimulates our appetite at the right intervals. In addition, fennel helps to increase digestive power. Cure diarrhea. Has the power to kill worms in the stomach. Resolves vomiting and dizziness. Heart problems will be solved. If you take a little fennel and grind it in milk and apply it on the face, the acne will disappear. Fennel gives us many more benefits. 

Skin diseases
Grind the fennel leaves in water and dip the paste in sesame oil and apply it on the scalp, scabies and dandruff to cure chronic skin diseases. Apply on the scalp and the scalp will disappear. Fennel is one of the most effective remedies for reducing skin problems. 

Stomach problem
Grind a few drops of fennel with honey and rub it on the abdomen of women after childbirth and the chronic pain will go away. Similarly, add a little coriander powder with fennel powder and mix it with milk and drink it, it is good for indigestion. Mix with yogurt and eat.

However, there is only one that can stake a claim as a Super Food and that is Black cumin, fennel flower seeds, or ‘Habbat ul Sawda’ as it is known in Arabic. According to hadith, the Prophet Muhammed is believed to have said: “In the black seed is healing for every disease except death.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Amazing Health benefits of Okra uses and nutrition facts

Amazing Health Benefits Of Okra Uses And Nutrition Facts

amazing health benefits of okra

Amazing Health benefits of Okra

 Amazing Health benefits of Okra are, Okra is the green vegetable which is rich in Folic acid, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, fiber, potassium, antioxidants and some vital phytonutrients are found in this green Okra vegetable.  Okra is a health-related Nutritious Food. Magnesium, folate, fibre, antioxidants and vitamin C, K1, and A are rich in these substances. Pregnant women, cardiac health, and the control of Blood Sugar can benefit from okra. It can even have the properties of anticancer. Continue scrolling to learn how important it is to consume okra daily. It keeps you feeling full. It’s great for your digestion.  Okra is a low calorie food. It’s a diuretic. Okra helps control Cholesterol levels. Okra boosts brain power and energy. Okra helps to fight cancer cells. okra can provide much-needed support to cells in fighting off free-radicals that can lead to cancer. Okra can help to boost immune system. Okra supports Fertility and healthy pregnancy. Okra Stabilizes blood glucose levels.Okra helps Prevent Diabetes and kidney disease, and it may help reduce the asthma symptoms.Okra promotes shiny, bouncy hair.Okra supports better eye sight. and great for skin care. and bones strength. It supports healing ulcer. and promotes Weight Loss Activities.

Benefits of eating Okra !!!

The flowering plant okra is known as Ladies Finger and mung bean in many parts of the world. In India it is called Bhendi (in Hindi Language). Its price is high as it is a fruit available in the flowering plant. The scientific name of this interesting plant is “Abelmossus esculendus”. Artichokes can be used in soups, stews and fries all the time. Its oil can also be used for cooking. So its popularity is going up. Mung bean still has many uses. It has many health benefits due to its minerals, vitamins and organic compounds.

Okra may not be the traditional vegetable in the garden. But it is also rich in vitamins (A, B, C, E and K), minerals, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Okra is also high in membrane-like fiber. Here are the benefits of Okra.

Okra is a vegetable that is cultivated and eaten all over the world. There are more people who eat for health than those who eat for the taste of this vegetable which has innumerable Health Benefits. One concept that is prevalent in our society is that eating okra develops the brain. This is also somewhat true.

Its taste depends on the way it is cooked. Because there are many people who do not like okra. However, if you think of this as medicine, everyone should get used to eating. Because of the health benefits it provides. In this post you can see what are the benefits of drinking okra juice.


People suffering from anemia can drink its extract to get the benefit of this coin.Okra juice can produce more red blood cells, which can help cure anemia. Okra extract contains many nutrients and vitamins. All of these produce more red blood cells.

Sore Throat

Okra juice is an excellent remedy for sore throat. People suffering from sore throat and cough can drink Okra juice liberally. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties in it do this miracle.

Okra juice is a wonderful remedy for diabetes. okra extract has insulin properties, which are used to cure diabetes. It is used to lower blood sugar levels. Drinking Okra juice daily in the morning will reduce your Diabetes.

One of the most annoying health problems is diarrhea. This causes the body to lose water and nutrients. Okra Juice cures diarrhea and provides essential nutrients to the body.


Reduces the amount of fat This coil is high in fiber, which is used to expel unwanted fats from the body. Drinking this extract regularly lowers your blood sugar level and protects your heart.
Cures Constipation The fiber in Okra which reduces the amount of fat also gives you relief from constipation. Okra juice, which acts as a natural laxative, flushes out toxins in the body and regulates bowel movements.

Immune system
It is the power of the immune system that protects us from many diseases, especially colds and flu. Vitamin C in Okra juice helps to strengthen our immune system. Immune system
The various anti-oxidants in okra fight against the kinetic elements. But the vitamin C in it also boosts your body’s immune system. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and boosts the white blood cells. This will boost your immune system by fighting off pathogens from the outside.
Skin health
Drinking okra juice regularly will improve your skin health. The antioxidants in it cleanse the blood and are used to treat acne and other skin related problems. Clear skin is really beautiful skin.

Drinking Okra juice reduces the chance of developing asthma and asthma sufferers drinking Okra juice also reduces its impact.

Bone health
Okra juice helps to strengthen bones. The folate in it can provide benefits to the baby and the mother during Pregnancy. It increases the density and strength of bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Digestive benefit
If you include artichokes in your diet regularly, the intake of fiber will increase. The membrane-like fiber in Okra makes your food easier to digest. Thus defecation takes place smoothly. Doing so will reduce gastrointestinal problems such as constipation, muscle cramps, constipation and flatulence. It also prevents diarrhea. The reason for this is that water turns feces into solid. Finally, fiber removes excess cholesterol from the body.

Eye Sight

Okra is high in vitamin A which improves eye sight. It also contains antioxidants such as beta carotene, chantine and lutein. Anti-oxidants work very powerfully to destroy and inactivate the motor organs, a dangerous by-product of cellular metabolism. The motor organs are responsible for the degradation of the cells in the body. This includes eye sight. Adding more Okra to your diet will protect your eyes. This includes macular degeneration and cataracts.

Skin health
Vitamin A Antioxidants also protect your skin health. It promotes fast comfort, reduces the appearance of scars and pimples, and eliminates wrinkle.

High Blood Pressure and Heart Health

Okra is rich in vitamins, minerals, potassium etc. These are all very important things that humans need. Potassium is needed to balance the fluid in the body, as potassium helps to balance sodium. Potassium also helps your blood vessels and arteries to function calmly and reduce tension on the Cardiovascular system. This will reduce blood clotting and This is because of the anti-oxidants that inactivate the motor organs that affect the skin cells.

One last warning
There is nothing you need to worry about when thinking of Okra. That’s the excess oxalate in it. This oxalate can increase the condition of the kidneys and gallbladder. This is because it will increase the size of the existing stones. Frying okra will increase your cholesterol level. So if you want to control the level of cholesterol in the body, do not burn it. Apart from this you can taste and eat okra as your favorite food. With it you can prepare many new kinds of food. 

amazing health benefits of okra

Almonds Powerful Health Benefits Revealed

Almonds Powerful Health Benefits Revealed

Almonds, the king of nuts, have many Health Benefits. These Super Nuts are great for giving health to body, skin and hair as well. In addition, the vitamins and minerals in it keep the body strong and protect it from any disease.  

Almonds Powerful Health Benefits Revealed

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Heart Disease

If you eat this nuts daily, you can prevent heart disease. This is because it is high in vitamin E, which protects the heart. In addition, the study found that eating almonds 5 days a week can prevent 50% of heart attacks
Blood Pressure

Almonds are low in sodium and high in potassium, so eating them at snacks can help control Blood Pressure.
If you eat almonds which  is high in cancer fiber, it will keep the intestinal tract smooth and prevent the development of bowel cancer. In addition, it is high in vitamin E, phyto chemicals and flavonoids, which can cause breast cancer and prevent cell growth.

Balanced Blood Circulation

This Nut contains Magnesium, which helps to keep the blood flowing smoothly throughout the body. It also contains iron, which increases the amount of blood cells. Thus can work well agile.

Strong Bones and Teeth

This Nuts are high in calcium and phosphorus, which help prevent joint pain and strengthen bones and teeth.

Weight Loss

Because this nuts are high in fiber, they can help control the amount of calories in the body and help you Lose Weight. It also contains protein, which fills the stomach and prevents frequent hunger.


This Nuts have a low glycemic index. In addition, one study found that eating almonds can help lower Blood Sugar levels after a meal and help keep it healthy.

Almonds Health Benefits 


If you eat this Mandel  nuts regularly, the formation of gallstones will be reduced by 25%. But those who already have kidney or gallbladder problem should avoid eating these nuts. This is because of the oxalate properties it contains.


This Mandel nuts contain manganese, copper and riboflavin, which are minerals that increase the body’s energy.
In a healthy brain study, almonds were found to contain riboflavin and L-carnitine, which may help Boost Brain Function. Also in Ayurvedic medicine, it is recommended to eat 5 almonds soaked in water every morning to increase the power of the brain.


This mandel nuts are rich in copper, iron and vitamins. With copper, these two nutrients are rich so they can increase hemoglobin levels and cure anemia.


Almonds are high in fiber, which helps to regulate the digestive system and correct Constipation.

Beautiful Skin

Almonds have a good moisturizing effect, which helps to get rid of dryness, acne and blackheads and keep the skin healthy.

Almonds  Health Benefits

Hair Problems

Hair problems can be corrected by applying almond oil. It can also be used to treat hair loss, dandruff, reduces dandruff and act as Remedy for thinning hair.

Radish Amazing Health Benefits Revealed

Radish Amazing Health Benefits Revealed

Radish amazing health benefits are, this Radish vegetable having rich in antioxidants and minerals like calcium and potassium. Together, these nutrients help us to lower high blood pressure and reduce the risks for Heart Disease.

Radish is one of the vegetable which contains low-carbohydrate, non-starchy. One cup of sliced radishes will provide around 3.4 grams of carbohydrates, out of which most of it is dietary fiber.

Radish contains rich in fiber which can promotes bowel movements and relieve the symptoms of Constipation.R

radish amazing health benefits
radish amazing health benefits

Radish amazing health benefits Revealed

There are many varieties of radish, such as white radish and red radish.

Radish can cause stomach irritation, stabbing, intestinal Obesity, cough, diarrhea, headache, hydration, dental disease, diarrhea, gastritis, hemorrhoids.

Take a handful of radish leaves, add 2-4 grams of sorghum and eat it twice a day to get rid of whiteheads.

Drinking radish juice will make the urine go better.

Digestive disorders can be eliminated by consuming radishes daily in combination and frying. Increases fluid in the body and eliminates the problem of constipation.

The heart muscle is well strengthened and does not cause Heart Related Diseases.
People who want to lose weight can lose weight quickly if they drink radish juice every morning.

Radish juice releases excess bilirubin in the liver and relieves jaundice.

White radish contains a lot of phenolic compounds like polyphenols. These compounds help to treat many cancers, including ovarian cancer.

Mixing a little honey (a) with radish juice and drinking it will cure problems like constipation and colds.

Every day we prepare a piece of food in our diet in many ways such as mixing, frying, frying and eating it as an extra ingredient. Fruits include subsoil. One such tuber is the radish. Here we will learn the benefits of eating this radish.

radish amazing health benefits
radish amazing health benefits

Radish Amazing Health Benefits are


Benefits of radish in curing Constipation- Many people today suffer from constipation due to lack of water and sedentary Lifestyle. Digestive disorders can be eliminated by consuming radishes daily in combination and frying. Increases fluid in the body and eliminates the problem of constipation.

Radish Amazing Health Benefits in Heart Health 

Some people have a blockage in the heart that causes blood to flow to all the organs of the body and can cause serious problems such as heart attack and temporary failure of the heart. People who eat radish in their daily diet strengthen their heart muscles and prevent heart related diseases.

Radish treat Piles Problems

Eating more spicy foods, sitting in one place for long periods of time, and chronic constipation are more likely to cause it. Good relief from hemorrhoids can be obtained by Cooking And Eating radish every day.

Radish Cures Leucoderma  


In some people, changes in the skin cells cause certain areas of the skin to turn white and develop white matter. Although there is no prescriptive drug that will stop the flow of emotions, it is possible for people with the disease to spread the disease to other parts of the body.

Radish Controls Respiratory disorders:

The air we breathe every day is high in invisible germs and pollutants. All of this goes to our lungs when we breathe. Frequent consumption of radish in the diet cleanses the lungs and eliminates respiratory problems.

Radish  helps to cure infections of insect bites 

Insect bites:

Some poisonous insects bite us when we are at home or when we walk outside, causing swelling, itching and redness of our skin. In such cases, drinking radish juice will break the poison of insect bites in our body. Rubbing a few drops of radish juice on the bitten area is also beneficial.

Radish helps to controll Fever

Fever :

Everyone from children to adults suffer from fever due to climate change. During this time the body Heat Increases and the body needs water nutrients more. During this time, if the radish is ripe, the fever will go away quickly

Radish amazing health benefits in promoting weight Loss  

Weight loss :

 Eating any type of food without restraint and not Exercising Properly are more likely to cause obesity. People who want to lose weight can lose weight quickly if they drink radish juice every morning.

Radish cures Jaundice


The liver is responsible for converting the food we eat into Nutrients for the body. Jaundice occurs when the liver becomes infected. People suffering from jaundice can reduce the severity of the disease by drinking radish juice daily without adding salt.

Radish Dissolves Kidney stones

Kidney stones:
Many people today develop kidney stones due to  not drinking enough water and drinking too much salty water. If you drink radish juice twice a day, the kidney stones will dissolve and the health of the kidneys will be maintained.


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