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Pepper- Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts of Eating Pepper

Pepper- Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts Of Eating Pepper

Rich in minerals:

Peppers are high in Thiamine, Predoxine, Boflavin, Folic Acid, Choline, Copper, Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Zinc, and other easily absorbed nutrients that promote excellent health.


Pepper In India:

Accordingly, Pepper has a special place among the unique spices of India. There is an interesting connection between the history of India and pepper. This is because the British first set foot in India to buy peppers.
Pepper has the potential to attract and retain all of the countrymen to that incredible degree. It is of the flag variety. It takes six to eight months to harvest its young fruits.
Apart from this, the vine, leaf and root of the pepper are useful parts. Pepper is referred to as ‘black gold’ because the pepper trade is so lucrative. History has it that in ancient times the region used pepper instead of money.

Medicinal properties of pepper:

Piper Nigrum ( Botanical name for Black Pepper),  contains mineral salts such as calcium, iron and phosphorus, as well as vitamins such as carotene, thiamine, riboflavin and riazin. Pepper is widely used in paranormal medicine. Used to relieve colds, colds, coughs and toxins.

Certainly, Pepper removes gas from the stomach, warms the body and dissolves inflammation. It has the ability to cure fever in the body. It is spicy and fragrant. Digestion Of Food. Eliminates food poisoning.

For common Cold

In particular, Pepper has a role to play in increasing the activity of the lungs, colds, lungs and digestive organs. People suffering from asthma are advised to chew 6 peppers daily.
In the first stage of the common cold, black pepper gives relief by expelling runny water from the nose. Boil half a teaspoon of pepper powder in a glass of milk and drink at bedtime.

Infectious disease

If you eat 6 peppers daily, that will kills germs in the body and prevents infections and fevers. 


However, the foods we eat today are full of oxidants. Eating these can cause infertility in some men. Chewing 6 pepers daily can cure Male Infertility.    


Your teeth will be strong and healthy if you chew 6 peppers per day. Pepper is the best medicine to prevent inflammation of the gums in the mouth and the production of tooth decay germs.


Preventing cancer


The University of Michigan Cancer Center had a study and found that, piper nigrum helps prevent the development of breast cancer. Peppermint in piper nigrum is said to play an important role in Preventing Cancer. And when it is mixed with turmeric, its anti-cancer properties are further enhanced.
In addition, piper nigrum contains vitamin C, vitamin A, flavonoids, carotene and other antioxidants. These remove harmful motor organs and protect the body from cancer and other diseases. Some other studies suggest that it may even help prevent the development of skin cancer and bowel cancer. So add a teaspoon of pepper powder daily to foods. It is better to eat it whole than to add it to food while cooking.

Helps with digestion. Especially, Piper nigrum contains, peppermint and that helps greatly in digestion. Piper nigrum stimulates the secretion of hydro-chloric acid in the stomach. This acid helps the stomach digest protein and other foods. If these foods are not properly digested, they can cause constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and acidity. Excess hydrochloric acid can help prevent these problems. To regulate digestion, add a teaspoon of piper nigrum to the diet while cooking. It adds flavor and helps keep the stomach healthy.

The gas problem will go away

Carminative piper nigrum contains a substance that prevents the formation of gas, which provides relief from flatulence, stomach upset and abdominal pain. So if  you add piper nigrum instead of chilli in your diet, you will get rid of stomach upset.

Helps to lose weight

More often consume Piper nigrum, and that will also helps in digestion (extraction of nutrients). And a powerful phyto-nutrient catalyst on its outside that Breaks Down Fat Atoms. It also helps to increase sweating and urination. As a result, excess water is expelled and toxins are expelled from the body. Together, these can help you Lose Weight. So sprinkle a little pepper powder in your daily diet to Lose Weight. Do not add too much of it. It may cause a variety of negative side effects.

Cleanses the skin

Consume Piper nigrum, that helps to get rid of sweat and toxins from the body and also helps to remove dirt and grime. Grind the pepper and apply it on the face along with the scrub to remove dead cells, promote blood circulation and provide more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from problems such as pimples.

Protects from dandruff

Throw away all dandruff shampoos. Use pepper instead. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help to remove dandruff. Take a teaspoon of ground pepper and mix it with a cup of yogurt. Mix the compound thoroughly and apply it to your scalp. After half an hour, wash the hair. Do not use shampoo at this time. Shampoo and wash your head the next day. Be careful not to overuse the pepper. Otherwise it will hurt the head.

Cleanses the stuffy nose and removes mucus

Take piper nigrum when suffering from cold, as well as that, piper nigrum has antibacterial properties, it can greatly help cure colds and coughs. As it is spicy with warmth, it removes mucus and acts as a remedy for stuffy nose. Add ground chilli juice or soup and drink it. This will immediately remove the mucus and make it easier to breathe.

The appetite will go away

We know that piper nigrum improves digestion and promotes taste buds. Pepper is a natural remedy for those who suffer from anorexia due to this property. It is enough to add a little pepper in the diet. It will eliminate the problem of appetite.
Adding half a teaspoon of pepper to a teaspoon of jaggery will increase appetite and cure digestive problems.

Helps the body use nutrients efficiently

The properties of piper nigrum help to increase the presence of the drug in the body. This will help the body to absorb the Nutrients coming from the food to travel properly. This characteristic medication will stand in the way of the supplement working properly.

Mental stress

The peppermint in piper nigrum is said to enhance the cognitive structure in the brain and help reduce stress, according to the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology. It has been found that if pepper is consumed in a more balanced manner, brain function will be normal. So add it to your diet daily. Can be added to salads if desired. When piper nigrum is added in any form, it increases energy and Relieves Stress.


Piper nigrum is beneficial for people with problems like rheumatism and arthritis, however, Piper nigrum relieves the pain of chronic rheumatism and arthritis by eliminating uric acid in the body.

Health benefits of black pepper

Black pepper is best for coughs. Mix 1-2 pinch black pepper powder in a tablespoon natural honey. Take this paste 3-4 times a day to get rid of cough.

Helps to increase testosterone levels:

There are many reasons to consume piper nigrum, regularly, above all it keeps you healthy. Piper nigrum contains zinc and magnesium which helps in increasing the Testosterone level in the body of men. Thus increasing the amount of sperm. Boosts antioxidants: Piper nigrum is high in antioxidants, which fights free radicals and boosts the immune system. Being high in phenolic pepper can also help fight deadly diseases like cancer.

Improving heart health:

Especially, Pepper refers to cholesterol in the body and blood, which helps to improve heart health. The peppermint in it helps to regulate the level of fat in the blood. It also helps to regulate blood pressure. Thus the health of the heart is stable.

Increases cognitive function:

The peppermint in piper nigrum helps to increase the cognitive function of the brain. Thus increasing memory. It also helps the brain to function better without aging. As a result, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and aging are avoided.

Improves eye health:

Piper nigrum helps greatly in enhancing the health of the eyes. If pepper is taken in the diet along with ghee, the health of the eyes will increase.

Reducing Blood Pressure

Everyone over the age of forty has High Blood Pressure. Chewing 6 piper nigrum corns daily can help keep blood pressure in check.
The peppermint in the pepper helps to keep the blood pressure in balance. Also, peppermint has the property of absorbing the amount of curcumin-like substances in turmeric, which helps the body to get Better Strength.

Helps to get rid of smoking habit:

When pepper is smoked, it is found that it gives the feeling of getting rid of the tobacco / smoking habit. Therefore, it is believed that sniffing the smoke of pepper is beneficial.

Helps to cure diabetes:

Pepper helps to regulate blood sugar levels. They control hyperglycemia. Thus pepper acts as a good remedy for diabetes. Also pepper helps to delay glucose absorption. This can help Prevent Diabetes.

Does Pepper Help Cure Diabetes?

Peppermint oil naturally blocks two enzymes that break down starch into glucose. As a result it regulates blood glucose and delays glucose uptake

Pain Reliever:

Peppermint in pepper acts as a good pain reliever. This helps in reducing the pain in the body quickly and promotes good health.

Helps to alleviate anemia:

Nutrients in pepper, especially when taken in combination with pepper ghee, reduce problems such as anemia. Thus increasing health.

Helps to heal peptic ulcer:

Nutrients are rich in pepper therefore, it reduce the chances of peptic ulcer and promote good health. 

In conclusion, piper nigrum is an important food to prevent most of diseases.

Next time, if you want to add spice to your diet, use pepper. It not only enhances the taste but also enhances the health of the body and keeps it happy.

Onions- Impressive Health Benefits and nutrition Facts

Onions- Impressive Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Onion-Have a raw onion every day… Here is the benefit!

Onions contain vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acid, chromium, calcium and fiber. As we add onions to our cooking, our body temperature stays in balance. When we add onions to our diet, even the hardest foods we eat are easily digested.


Here you can see the health benefits of onion which has many medicinal properties.

Onions have a special place in Indian cuisine. It is used in the preparation of curries, sandwiches, soups, pickles and walnuts. These are often eaten as a salad with lemon. The fact that we eat onions excites us in the summer. Because it will keep you cool and provide many health benefits to the body. And adding raw onions is one of the simplest ways to make your meal tastier and more nutritious. This root vegetables are also called by different names, such as shallots, scallion etc.

Here’s a look at some of the health benefits of onions that have so many benefits. Onions are a rich source of curcumin. It is a natural pigment present in some foods. So the presence of these in onions can help boost immunity.

Anti allergic and Anti Inflamatory :

Quercetin is known to reduce inflammation, reduce allergy symptoms, control blood pressure and provide many health benefits. This simple primitive habit of eating raw onions with meals boosts your immune system.
In addition to quercetin, onions contain vitamin C, B vitamins and potassium. Onions are good for people trying to lower their Blood Pressure because they contain potassium. The high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make onions a heart-friendly root vegetable.

Lowers Blood Sugar :

Onions can also give you antibacterial properties. According to some studies, scallions have been mentioned to help control blood sugar, which can help people with Diabetes and pre-diabetes.

vegetable, onion, red-2982363.jpg

So many benefits of eating an onion raw every day ..?

You will be surprised if you know about the benefits of onions ..!

The most spicy vegetables are ginger, garlic, green chillies and shallions. Of these, ginger, garlic and green chillies are the most spicy. But onions are not so salty. Let’s see what are the benefits of eating such onions raw. Onions have the ability to expel bad water from the body. Mouth ulcers and cataracts can be cured by eating green shallions. The reason is that onions are high in riboflavin, a vitamin B-rich.
Onions can be eaten steamed or boiled however you want. But if you eat it raw, you will get the full amount of nutrients in it. Shallions are the best solution for all problems ranging from Kidney Problems to Weight Loss and fat loss.

Nutrition Facts in Onion :

Nutrients in onions In 100 g of onion Water 82%, Protein 1.2%, Carbohydrate 11.1%, 47 mg of calcium, 50 mg phosphorus, 0.7 mg of iron, vitamin ‘B’, vitamin ‘C’. There are also a handful of calories available. As well as fat, mineral salts, fiber etc.

Uses of raw onions, The iron in shallions is easily absorbed by the body. People with anemia can cure anemia problems by eating onions daily. Eating onions daily can cure headaches, knee pain and blurred vision. People with colds can get rid of colds if they eat onions daily.
The wounds heal quickly if a piece of onion is rubbed on the wound and placed on the wound. It is embarrassing that eating shallions raw can cause mild bad breath. Physical health is not available if you look at it. After eating, chew some mint leaves in your mouth. The stench will run away.

Heart Problems :

Chest Pain caused by a blood clot in the blood vessels in the heart. Even the side argument is more likely to result from that. People with chest pain like that, if you eat scallions raw every day, the problem of blood clots is correct. Onions are an excellent medicine and food for people with heart disease.

To clean the lungs People who are addicted to smoking can get half a teaspoon of this root vegetable juice daily in the morning, afternoon, evening and night four times a day to Strengthen their lungs. Eating this root vegetables like this daily will cure problems like cough, vomiting, cold and runny nose. This flushes out the dirt and waste in the lungs.

Cure the common cold :

Usually in winter everyone has problems like cold, cough, fever and colds. To cure this problem, mix equal amount of honey with this root vegetable juice and eat it. Eating in this way will cure cough and cold problems that occur in winter. You can also give it to children.
Scallions are a great remedy for people with cholera. To cure cholera, finely chop 5 small scallions and 10 peppers and mix it with palm sugar. Give it both in the morning and in the evening to cure cholera.

Cure Hemorrhoids:      

To cure severe hemorrhoids such as hemorrhoids, 50 g of scallion juice should be mixed with water and sugar. This method can be cured by drinking it twice a day for ten or fifteen days. The use of small scallions is extra beneficial.

Toothache :

People with toothache can take a piece of scallion and put it on the toothache to cure toothache. In particular, it can be kept for a long time without interruption if kept lying down at night. If you continue to do this on the property where the tooth is, even the worms inside the property tooth will come out. Destroys bacteria in the teeth and keeps the teeth clean.

Heart Health:

Scallions contain flavonoids and thiosulfinates. These help to reduce bad cholesterol in the body and thiosulfinates help to keep the blood balanced properly.
Because of this, the risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced many times over. The Cambridge University Press reports that the flavonoids in red onions help lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels.

Strong bone:

According to the  U.S.Department of Agriculture (USDA), an onion contains 25.3 mg of calcium. This calcium level helps strong bones. So eating onions can help build better bone health.

immunity :

The antioxidants in onions help strengthen the Immune System. According to a study published in the journal Mediators of Inflammation, the chemical composition of onions is very strong. Helps to improve immunity and has anti-cancer properties.

Regulates breathe :

Scallions are rich in anti-allergic properties. In most cases, allergies play an important role in correcting respiratory problems. According to a study published in the DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, eating scallions creates a relaxation in the muscles of the trachea. This makes it easier for asthma patients to breathe. This is because of the flavonoids in onions.

Good for eyes:

Selenium in onions increases the production of vitamin E. Thus preventing eye problem. Onion juice is added to natural eye drops.

Mouth wash:

Many people avoid shallots as they can cause bad breath. In fact, it eliminates odors and kills bacteria. Helps to cleanse the mouth. Vitamin C in it protects oral hygiene.

Helping in Sex Life :      

If men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction it is better for them to eat onions intact. Because according to a study published in the journal Biomiculus, onions help to correct the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. It also helps increase testosterone levels in men, the study says.

Bright skin:

shallots are packed with vitamins A, C and K. And they help with all skin types. These vitamins not only help you get rid of pigment but also protect you from harmful UV rays. Add a little onion juice to your face pack and rub. Avoid those with acne, gout, injury.

Hair Density:

Although there is not much scientific evidence to prove this, many Ayurvedic hair products use onion juice for hair growth. Also, due to its anti-bacterial properties, shallots also helps in removing dandruff and lice.

Helps with menstrual problems:

According to a study published in the journal Breast Cancer, consuming  raw onions can help control postmenopausal symptoms. This is due to the calcium content in it. This simple primitive habit of eating raw shallots with meals boosts your Immune System.
Onions can be eaten steamed or boiled however you want. But if you eat it raw, you will get the full amount of nutrients in it. Onions are the best solution for all problems ranging from kidney problems to Weight Loss and fat loss.

So, store onions in your kitchen and add them to many curries, soups and juices to reap their many benefits. 

Amazing Health benefits of Okra uses and nutrition facts

Amazing Health Benefits Of Okra Uses And Nutrition Facts

amazing health benefits of okra

Amazing Health benefits of Okra

 Amazing Health benefits of Okra are, Okra is the green vegetable which is rich in Folic acid, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, fiber, potassium, antioxidants and some vital phytonutrients are found in this green Okra vegetable.  Okra is a health-related Nutritious Food. Magnesium, folate, fibre, antioxidants and vitamin C, K1, and A are rich in these substances. Pregnant women, cardiac health, and the control of Blood Sugar can benefit from okra. It can even have the properties of anticancer. Continue scrolling to learn how important it is to consume okra daily. It keeps you feeling full. It’s great for your digestion.  Okra is a low calorie food. It’s a diuretic. Okra helps control Cholesterol levels. Okra boosts brain power and energy. Okra helps to fight cancer cells. okra can provide much-needed support to cells in fighting off free-radicals that can lead to cancer. Okra can help to boost immune system. Okra supports Fertility and healthy pregnancy. Okra Stabilizes blood glucose levels.Okra helps Prevent Diabetes and kidney disease, and it may help reduce the asthma symptoms.Okra promotes shiny, bouncy hair.Okra supports better eye sight. and great for skin care. and bones strength. It supports healing ulcer. and promotes Weight Loss Activities.

Benefits of eating Okra !!!

The flowering plant okra is known as Ladies Finger and mung bean in many parts of the world. In India it is called Bhendi (in Hindi Language). Its price is high as it is a fruit available in the flowering plant. The scientific name of this interesting plant is “Abelmossus esculendus”. Artichokes can be used in soups, stews and fries all the time. Its oil can also be used for cooking. So its popularity is going up. Mung bean still has many uses. It has many health benefits due to its minerals, vitamins and organic compounds.

Okra may not be the traditional vegetable in the garden. But it is also rich in vitamins (A, B, C, E and K), minerals, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Okra is also high in membrane-like fiber. Here are the benefits of Okra.

Okra is a vegetable that is cultivated and eaten all over the world. There are more people who eat for health than those who eat for the taste of this vegetable which has innumerable Health Benefits. One concept that is prevalent in our society is that eating okra develops the brain. This is also somewhat true.

Its taste depends on the way it is cooked. Because there are many people who do not like okra. However, if you think of this as medicine, everyone should get used to eating. Because of the health benefits it provides. In this post you can see what are the benefits of drinking okra juice.


People suffering from anemia can drink its extract to get the benefit of this coin.Okra juice can produce more red blood cells, which can help cure anemia. Okra extract contains many nutrients and vitamins. All of these produce more red blood cells.

Sore Throat

Okra juice is an excellent remedy for sore throat. People suffering from sore throat and cough can drink Okra juice liberally. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties in it do this miracle.

Okra juice is a wonderful remedy for diabetes. okra extract has insulin properties, which are used to cure diabetes. It is used to lower blood sugar levels. Drinking Okra juice daily in the morning will reduce your Diabetes.

One of the most annoying health problems is diarrhea. This causes the body to lose water and nutrients. Okra Juice cures diarrhea and provides essential nutrients to the body.


Reduces the amount of fat This coil is high in fiber, which is used to expel unwanted fats from the body. Drinking this extract regularly lowers your blood sugar level and protects your heart.
Cures Constipation The fiber in Okra which reduces the amount of fat also gives you relief from constipation. Okra juice, which acts as a natural laxative, flushes out toxins in the body and regulates bowel movements.

Immune system
It is the power of the immune system that protects us from many diseases, especially colds and flu. Vitamin C in Okra juice helps to strengthen our immune system. Immune system
The various anti-oxidants in okra fight against the kinetic elements. But the vitamin C in it also boosts your body’s immune system. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and boosts the white blood cells. This will boost your immune system by fighting off pathogens from the outside.
Skin health
Drinking okra juice regularly will improve your skin health. The antioxidants in it cleanse the blood and are used to treat acne and other skin related problems. Clear skin is really beautiful skin.

Drinking Okra juice reduces the chance of developing asthma and asthma sufferers drinking Okra juice also reduces its impact.

Bone health
Okra juice helps to strengthen bones. The folate in it can provide benefits to the baby and the mother during Pregnancy. It increases the density and strength of bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Digestive benefit
If you include artichokes in your diet regularly, the intake of fiber will increase. The membrane-like fiber in Okra makes your food easier to digest. Thus defecation takes place smoothly. Doing so will reduce gastrointestinal problems such as constipation, muscle cramps, constipation and flatulence. It also prevents diarrhea. The reason for this is that water turns feces into solid. Finally, fiber removes excess cholesterol from the body.

Eye Sight

Okra is high in vitamin A which improves eye sight. It also contains antioxidants such as beta carotene, chantine and lutein. Anti-oxidants work very powerfully to destroy and inactivate the motor organs, a dangerous by-product of cellular metabolism. The motor organs are responsible for the degradation of the cells in the body. This includes eye sight. Adding more Okra to your diet will protect your eyes. This includes macular degeneration and cataracts.

Skin health
Vitamin A Antioxidants also protect your skin health. It promotes fast comfort, reduces the appearance of scars and pimples, and eliminates wrinkle.

High Blood Pressure and Heart Health

Okra is rich in vitamins, minerals, potassium etc. These are all very important things that humans need. Potassium is needed to balance the fluid in the body, as potassium helps to balance sodium. Potassium also helps your blood vessels and arteries to function calmly and reduce tension on the Cardiovascular system. This will reduce blood clotting and This is because of the anti-oxidants that inactivate the motor organs that affect the skin cells.

One last warning
There is nothing you need to worry about when thinking of Okra. That’s the excess oxalate in it. This oxalate can increase the condition of the kidneys and gallbladder. This is because it will increase the size of the existing stones. Frying okra will increase your cholesterol level. So if you want to control the level of cholesterol in the body, do not burn it. Apart from this you can taste and eat okra as your favorite food. With it you can prepare many new kinds of food. 

amazing health benefits of okra

Almonds Powerful Health Benefits Revealed

Almonds Powerful Health Benefits Revealed

Almonds, the king of nuts, have many Health Benefits. These Super Nuts are great for giving health to body, skin and hair as well. In addition, the vitamins and minerals in it keep the body strong and protect it from any disease.  

Almonds Powerful Health Benefits Revealed

healthy food

Heart Disease

If you eat this nuts daily, you can prevent heart disease. This is because it is high in vitamin E, which protects the heart. In addition, the study found that eating almonds 5 days a week can prevent 50% of heart attacks
Blood Pressure

Almonds are low in sodium and high in potassium, so eating them at snacks can help control Blood Pressure.
If you eat almonds which  is high in cancer fiber, it will keep the intestinal tract smooth and prevent the development of bowel cancer. In addition, it is high in vitamin E, phyto chemicals and flavonoids, which can cause breast cancer and prevent cell growth.

Balanced Blood Circulation

This Nut contains Magnesium, which helps to keep the blood flowing smoothly throughout the body. It also contains iron, which increases the amount of blood cells. Thus can work well agile.

Strong Bones and Teeth

This Nuts are high in calcium and phosphorus, which help prevent joint pain and strengthen bones and teeth.

Weight Loss

Because this nuts are high in fiber, they can help control the amount of calories in the body and help you Lose Weight. It also contains protein, which fills the stomach and prevents frequent hunger.


This Nuts have a low glycemic index. In addition, one study found that eating almonds can help lower Blood Sugar levels after a meal and help keep it healthy.

Almonds Health Benefits 


If you eat this Mandel  nuts regularly, the formation of gallstones will be reduced by 25%. But those who already have kidney or gallbladder problem should avoid eating these nuts. This is because of the oxalate properties it contains.


This Mandel nuts contain manganese, copper and riboflavin, which are minerals that increase the body’s energy.
In a healthy brain study, almonds were found to contain riboflavin and L-carnitine, which may help Boost Brain Function. Also in Ayurvedic medicine, it is recommended to eat 5 almonds soaked in water every morning to increase the power of the brain.


This mandel nuts are rich in copper, iron and vitamins. With copper, these two nutrients are rich so they can increase hemoglobin levels and cure anemia.


Almonds are high in fiber, which helps to regulate the digestive system and correct Constipation.

Beautiful Skin

Almonds have a good moisturizing effect, which helps to get rid of dryness, acne and blackheads and keep the skin healthy.

Almonds  Health Benefits

Hair Problems

Hair problems can be corrected by applying almond oil. It can also be used to treat hair loss, dandruff, reduces dandruff and act as Remedy for thinning hair.

Radish Amazing Health Benefits Revealed

Radish Amazing Health Benefits Revealed

Radish amazing health benefits are, this Radish vegetable having rich in antioxidants and minerals like calcium and potassium. Together, these nutrients help us to lower high blood pressure and reduce the risks for Heart Disease.

Radish is one of the vegetable which contains low-carbohydrate, non-starchy. One cup of sliced radishes will provide around 3.4 grams of carbohydrates, out of which most of it is dietary fiber.

Radish contains rich in fiber which can promotes bowel movements and relieve the symptoms of Constipation.R

radish amazing health benefits
radish amazing health benefits

Radish amazing health benefits Revealed

There are many varieties of radish, such as white radish and red radish.

Radish can cause stomach irritation, stabbing, intestinal Obesity, cough, diarrhea, headache, hydration, dental disease, diarrhea, gastritis, hemorrhoids.

Take a handful of radish leaves, add 2-4 grams of sorghum and eat it twice a day to get rid of whiteheads.

Drinking radish juice will make the urine go better.

Digestive disorders can be eliminated by consuming radishes daily in combination and frying. Increases fluid in the body and eliminates the problem of constipation.

The heart muscle is well strengthened and does not cause Heart Related Diseases.
People who want to lose weight can lose weight quickly if they drink radish juice every morning.

Radish juice releases excess bilirubin in the liver and relieves jaundice.

White radish contains a lot of phenolic compounds like polyphenols. These compounds help to treat many cancers, including ovarian cancer.

Mixing a little honey (a) with radish juice and drinking it will cure problems like constipation and colds.

Every day we prepare a piece of food in our diet in many ways such as mixing, frying, frying and eating it as an extra ingredient. Fruits include subsoil. One such tuber is the radish. Here we will learn the benefits of eating this radish.

radish amazing health benefits
radish amazing health benefits

Radish Amazing Health Benefits are


Benefits of radish in curing Constipation- Many people today suffer from constipation due to lack of water and sedentary Lifestyle. Digestive disorders can be eliminated by consuming radishes daily in combination and frying. Increases fluid in the body and eliminates the problem of constipation.

Radish Amazing Health Benefits in Heart Health 

Some people have a blockage in the heart that causes blood to flow to all the organs of the body and can cause serious problems such as heart attack and temporary failure of the heart. People who eat radish in their daily diet strengthen their heart muscles and prevent heart related diseases.

Radish treat Piles Problems

Eating more spicy foods, sitting in one place for long periods of time, and chronic constipation are more likely to cause it. Good relief from hemorrhoids can be obtained by Cooking And Eating radish every day.

Radish Cures Leucoderma  


In some people, changes in the skin cells cause certain areas of the skin to turn white and develop white matter. Although there is no prescriptive drug that will stop the flow of emotions, it is possible for people with the disease to spread the disease to other parts of the body.

Radish Controls Respiratory disorders:

The air we breathe every day is high in invisible germs and pollutants. All of this goes to our lungs when we breathe. Frequent consumption of radish in the diet cleanses the lungs and eliminates respiratory problems.

Radish  helps to cure infections of insect bites 

Insect bites:

Some poisonous insects bite us when we are at home or when we walk outside, causing swelling, itching and redness of our skin. In such cases, drinking radish juice will break the poison of insect bites in our body. Rubbing a few drops of radish juice on the bitten area is also beneficial.

Radish helps to controll Fever

Fever :

Everyone from children to adults suffer from fever due to climate change. During this time the body Heat Increases and the body needs water nutrients more. During this time, if the radish is ripe, the fever will go away quickly

Radish amazing health benefits in promoting weight Loss  

Weight loss :

 Eating any type of food without restraint and not Exercising Properly are more likely to cause obesity. People who want to lose weight can lose weight quickly if they drink radish juice every morning.

Radish cures Jaundice


The liver is responsible for converting the food we eat into Nutrients for the body. Jaundice occurs when the liver becomes infected. People suffering from jaundice can reduce the severity of the disease by drinking radish juice daily without adding salt.

Radish Dissolves Kidney stones

Kidney stones:
Many people today develop kidney stones due to  not drinking enough water and drinking too much salty water. If you drink radish juice twice a day, the kidney stones will dissolve and the health of the kidneys will be maintained.


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Triphala Powder (Suranam) Amazing Health Benefits

Triphala Powder (Suranam) Amazing Health Benefits!!

Triphala Powder (Suranam)

Triphala Powder (Suranam) is a medicine made from three herbs. It contains three fruits namely gooseberry, mustard and dandelion. It is considered to be the most suitable of all herbal treatments and one of the best natural products.

Triphala powder(Suranam) eaten at night is the miracle that makes you bloom every morning!

Triphala  (Suranam) is a combination of three fruits, it is a powder form medicine of Ayurvedha.
Triphala contains antioxidants that help boost the body’s immune system. Prevents heart disease. Fights cancer cells.

Triphala is a natural laxative. This is beneficial when taken in moderation. But overuse of triphala can cause diarrhea and constipation. Triphala can cause allergies in some people. If you have any of these symptoms, it may be helpful to stop eating Tripala Suranam.

Individuals who are not properly digesting the food they eat are advised to take Triphala extract. But at the same time, if the amount is too bitter, it will cause some reactions when we kill too much of it. This means that if you eat a lot of triphala is also likely to cause constipation. Eating Triphala as it is can also lead to constipation. Dissolve in water and eat as a liquid.
People who have frequent digestive problems also have intestinal problems. This exploitation helps the esophagus and bowel movement to function smoothly. Eliminates toxins in the digestive tract and protects against constipation. Helps to expel tapeworms, parasites, insect infections etc. in the gut while expelling intestinal toxins. If the intestines are clean, half of the problems in the body will not occur.

Triphala Eliminates esophageal toxins and regulates bowel movement. Corrects digestive disorders. Eliminates toxins in the body. Also acts as an excellent laxative.

Helps to expel tapeworms and ring worms in the stomach. Furthermore, it controls the growth of insects and infections in the stomach.
Increases the number of red blood cells in the blood. Corrects anemia. Regulates blood flow.

In the Pancreas, it increases insulin secretion. Helps to Balance Glucose Levels in the body. The bitter taste in Triphala lowers blood Sugar Levels.
Reducing bad cholesterol in the body. Helps to gain a balanced body weight. Controlling Obesity.

Purifies toxins in the blood. Cleansing the blood. Protects skin from skin diseases and infections Glows the skin.

How to take Triphala  

Triphala powder should be mixed with hot water and eaten during the rainy season.

 In winter, Triphala powder should be eaten with ghee. Corrects soreness and eruption.

Triphala can cause allergies in some people. If you have any of these symptoms, it may be helpful to stop eating Tripala Suranam.

Amazing Health Benefits of Broccoli

Amazing Health Benefits of Broccoli

Amazing Health Benefits of Broccoli
Amazing Health Benefits of Broccoli

Amazing Health Benefits Of Broccoli- A Good Source Of Fiber, Protein,Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Selenium, Magnesium, Vitamins A, C, E, K ,B and Folic Acid.Broccoli is a branched green vegetable with purple or more commonly green flower buds. It belongs to the cruciferous family, along with cauliflower, cabbage and kale, and can be eaten raw or cooked, with only 80g (about 2 spears) counted as one of your five-a-day meals.
Broccoli is a good source of fiber and protein and contains iron, potassium, calcium, selenium and magnesium as well as vitamins A, C, E, K and a wide range of B vitamins including folic acid.
A study by Nutrition Research found that the use of steamed broccoli regularly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing the total amount of cholesterol in the body. Another study in the US also found that increasing dietary vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, could reduce the risk of heart disease.
Vitamin K is a vital nutrient needed for blood clotting and may play an important role in keeping our bones healthy and strong. While more research is needed, there has been consistent evidence that vitamin K can improve bone health in general as well as increase bone mineral density and reduce fracture rates in osteoporosis patients.

Adults need 1 mcg of vitamin K per kilog.
Broccoli contains certain carotenoids called lutein and zeaxanthin, which were associated in 2006 and 2003 studies with a decreased risk of age-related eye disorders, such as cataract and macular degeneration. Night blindness is also associated with vitamin A deficiency. Broccoli contains beta-carotene that the body converts to vitamin A.
Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable, along with kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, cabbage, collar greens, rutabaga and turnips.

In this article, learn more about the nutritional content of broccoli, some possible health benefits and some tips for cooking and serving broccoli.

Learn about the health benefits of some other popular Foods.
Broccoli is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Antioxidants can help prevent the development of various conditions.

Brocoli is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Antioxidants can help prevent the development of a variety of conditions.

The body produces molecules called free radicals during natural processes, such as metabolism, and adds to environmental stress. Free radicals, or reactive oxygen species, are highly toxic. They can cause cell damage, which can lead to cancer and other conditions.

Amazing Health Benefits of Broccoli

Many of them may be eliminated by the body, but dietary antioxidants can help.
Reducing the risk of cancer
Cruciferous vegetables contain a range of antioxidants that may help prevent the type of cell damage that leads to cancer.

One of these is sulforaphane, a sulfur-containing compound that gives cruciferous vegetables their bitter bite.

Some scientists have suggested that cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, may play a role in ‘green chemoprevention,’ in which people use either the whole plant or extracts from it to help prevent cancer.

Cruciferous vegetables also contain indol-3-carbinol. Research from 2019 suggests that this compound may have powerful anti-tumor properties.

Cauliflower, kale, turboflower and watercress can all have the same characteristics as cauliflower, broccolini, daikon, kohlrabi or watercress.Bone Health Enhancement
Together, calcium and collagen produce solid bones. About 99% of the calcium in the bones and teeth of the body is present. In order to produce collagen, the body requires vitamin C. Both in broccoli are present.

The role of vitamin K in the coagulation of the blood is also indicated by experts that it can help prevent or treat osteoporosis. Persons with low levels of vitamin K can encounter bone formation problems more likely. The supply of adequate vitamin K to keep the bones safe can be helpful.

A cup weighing approximately 76 grams of broccoli (g) contains between 3% to 3.5% of the daily calcium needs of one person, 45% and 54%, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Boosting immune health
The antioxidant Vitamin C offers a host of advantages.

It encourages the immune system and can help prevent disease, CVD and cataracts and anemia. It can prevent cancer. In addition, the effects of the common cold can also be decreased and the period of cold reduced.

Improving skin health
Vitamin C assists the body to build collagen, the primary body cells and organs support system, including the skin. Vitamin C, as an antioxidant, may also help prevent harm to the skin, like aging wrinkles.

Studies have shown that vitamin C can help prevent or treat skin conditions like shingles and skin cancer.

Get a few tip in this article on other skin-friendly foods
Aiding digestion
Dietary fiber may help promote regularity, prevent constipation, keep the digestive tract healthy, and decrease the risk of colon cancer. In 2015, a screening trial revealed that people with the highest fiber levels are less likely than people with low fiber to develop colorectal cancer.
A cup of 76 g brocoli provides 5.4% to 7.1% of a person’s daily fiber requirements.

Which other foods promote good digestion? Find this here. Find Out Here.
Reducing inflammation
Inflammation may occur when the immune system is attacked.

Inflammation can be a symptom of a passing infection, but chronic auto-immune disorders such as arthritis and type 1 diabetes may also occur. Metabolic syndrome patients may also have elevated inflammation levels.

According to a 2014 report, Broccoli may be anti-inflammatory. The antioxidant effect of sulforaphane in broccoli was found by scientists to help lower inflammation markers in laboratory studies. Thus the nutrients in broccoli could contribute to the battle against inflammation.
Reducing the risk of diabetes

Research from 2017 found that consuming broccoli could assist people with type 2 diabetes in controlling their levels of blood sugar. This is because of the quality of sulforaphane.

Study on Amazing Health Benefits of Broccoli

A study in 2018 also found that people who use high fiber diets are less likely than those who consume low fiber to have type 2 diabetes. In individuals with diabetes, fiber can contribute to lowering their blood sugar levels.
Protecting cardiovascular health
The fiber, potassium, and antioxidants in broccoli may help prevent CVD.
A population survey in 2018 demonstrated the lower risk of atherosclerosis for older women whose diets are high in cruciferous vegetables. This is an arthritis that can lead to a heart attack or stroke. This benefit can be caused by the antioxidant material, particularly sulforaphan, of cruciferous vegetables.


Broccoli Recipe :  Cheese Balls with Broccoli


1 1/2 cups florets fresh broccoli; 1 cup Gouda cheese, shredded; 1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded; 1 cup meat, cut into small pieces; 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes, crushed; 2 1/4 cup crumbs (distributed); 1 lightly beaten egg; a half-cup all-purpose flour; 2 lightly beaten eggs; Coconut Oil (enough amount)


Broccoli should be steamed until slightly softened. Allow to cool.

Chop the broccoli finely. The pieces should be 1/4-inch or smaller. Place in a large mixing bowl.

To the broccoli, add cheese, red pepper flakes, 1/4 cup crumbs, and 1 egg. Stir everything together thoroughly.


Shape the mixture into balls with your hands, using about a rounded tablespoon for each ball. You should get 12-14 points.

Place the balls on a plate and place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

Broccoli should be steamed until slightly

softened. Allow to cool.

Chop the broccoli finely. The pieces should be 1/4-inch or smaller. Place in a large mixing bowl.

To the broccoli, add cheese, red pepper flakes, 1/4 cup crumbs, and 1 egg. Stir everything together thoroughly.

Shape the mixture into balls with your hands, using about a rounded tablespoon for each ball. You should get 12-14 points.

Place the balls on a plate and place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

The tastiest Broccoli Balls recipe ready to serve.

Try this healthy broccoli recipe at your kitchen and enjoy with your family and relatives. Share this recipe with your friends. Leave a comment if you like this Broccoli balls healthy  recipe.

Try various types of recipe using this amazing health benefits of Broccoli.

Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Water

What Is Coconut Water?

What is coconut water?
It is a clear liquid that is sweet and nutty in taste. This water is found in a young, green coconut. Coconuts are not indigenous to any particular region of the world. It can be found from Central Florida to Guam and from India to the Philippines.

Why Is Coconut Water So Good for You?

It has some exceptional benefits. They are delicious and healthy for the body.

Read on to find out why you should add this water to your diet.

Coconut Water Health Benefits

1. Boost Energy

If you are looking to improve and increase energy, consider adding coconut water to your diet;it is known to boost energy levels and increase the body’s metabolism; This water is the perfect alternative drink if you are a sports enthusiast. Most sports drinks are packed with sugar, caffeine and have a high-calorie count. Coconut is one of the foods that is high in Potassium and electrolyte; it contains less calorie and less sugar than most sports drinks. Most athletes swear by coconut water.

2. Natural Anti-aging

This water contains vital nutrients such as enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, and antioxidants. Coconut water also contains a natural growth hormone called Cytokinins. Researchers have found that Cytokinins are plant hormones that help regulate cell growth and cell division. This water also contains Lauric acid, which can minimize the aging of skin cells.


Do You Drink Coconut Water?

3. High Fiber Content

Fiber intake is essential in our diet. Coconut water contains 2.6gram of fiber for every glass or 11% of the daily value. This  is one of that natural beverage that has a high amount of fiber.

Fiber is important in our diet because it helps food pass through the body which helps the body stay regular. Fiber contributes to control blood sugar levels and contribute to achieving a healthy weight.

4. Helps With Weight Loss

Another sweet benefit of it’s water is that it aids in weight loss.It helps to keep the body hydrated, and when you are hydrated your metabolism is high which in turn helps you to lose weight. A dehydrated body makes your metabolism slow which causes you to lose weight at a slower pace.

5. Improve Blood Circulation

This water is known to reduce bad cholesterol levels and prevent blood clot formation which in turn improves healthy blood circulation.


Do You Drink Coconut Water?

coconut wtaer

Good blood circulation is known to promote healthy hair growth. The great takeaway here is drinking a glass of coconut water a day is beneficial for health and beauty purposes.

If you want to improve your overall well-being, you may want to switch from drinking soda beverages and look into adding this to your diet.

How Healthy Is Your Food?

For a long and healthy life, it’s important to have a good diet. Maintaining a Healthy Eating Routine Can Improve Your Well-Being. You Must Consume Vitamins And Minerals-Containing Dietary Supplements This Includes Organic Products, Vegetables, Whole Grains, Dairy, And An Abundance Of Proteins In It.

Did You Know Water Drinking Method?

  • Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam) said: “Sit down and drink.” (Hadith Muslim) and also said:
  • “None of you should drink while standing; and if anyone forgets, he must vomit.”
  • Science has proved that drinking water whilst standing or walking can cause Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) damage, kidney damage, arthritis, nerve tension and other disorders.
  • Drinking water is healthy but drinking it in an improper way is not. So the main thing is that you drink water according to your daily requirement (1.5-2 liters/day).
  • Science proves that when a person drinks too much water in a short period of time, the kidneys cannot flush it out fast enough and the blood becomes waterlogged which can, strangely, become a cause of death.
  • Take a clean glass and fill it with water according to your requirement. It is necessary that you don’t drink a lot of water at a time even if you’re very thirsty.

Healthy Food for Kids and Healthy eating habits

Healthy Food For Kids And Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy food for kids are more important to the parents, to ensure their kids to educate for a healthy eating habits.

healthy food for kids
healthy food for kids

Healthy Foods For Kids Means Eating A Variety Of Healthy Foods For Kids, So That Your Kids Gets The Nutrients (Such As Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, Vitamins, And Minerals) He Or She Needs For Normal Growth. Your kid will be well-nourished if he or she regularly consumes a variety of basic healthy foods.

Many Kids Get Hungry Between Meals.

A Healthy Food For Kids Can Provide Your Kids With Energy And Help Them Get The Nutrients They Need On A Daily Basis. Healthy Snacks Throughout The Day Can Boost Your Child’s Energy And Nutritional Intake. As a result, keeping your children gluten-free can be a challenge.

. By The Time You Finally Find The Right Afternoon Fix, Your Kid Is Likely Already In The Middle Of A Meltdown.

As an alternative to prepackaged snacks, offer your kid whole, unprocessed foods during snack time.

Healthy Food For Kids:

Make Sure Healthy Foods Are The Default Setting For Your Kids Meals, And Get Everyone Involved In Choosing Some Nutritious, Tasty Options. Take Kids With You To The Grocery Store Or Farmers Market. Younger children can choose from a variety of fruits and vegetables. In addition to choosing recipes, older children may be able to create a shopping list.


HEALTHY FOOD FOR KIDS!and Healthy Eating Habits

  • As a parent you give your child healthy food and opportunities to eat it. Your child can decide how much to eat – or whether to eat at all.
  • If you’re concerned your child is over eating or under eating, a healthy eating routine can help.
  • Be a good role model by eating healthy foods yourself and making sure you have plenty of healthy foods at home.

Getting the child to consume nutritious food could be a struggle. The boring looking roti, simple pulses and green vegetables are enough to frighten them away. Kids are most appeased by glowing foods served on the platter plus they tend to have a liking for sugary and spicy food. Food experts, nutritionists and chefs advises how simple alterations in cooking Nutritious food style, plating and approach can get the little ones into eating good, wholesome food.

A solution is got by us to this. How about covering up healthy meals under the wrap of the favourite Nutritious food? Without making Nutritious food boring, give junk food a makeover with staples like multi-grain, ragi and wheat associated with goodness of vegetables and fruits.

Corresponding to a Delhi founded nutritionist, “Your body requirements of children change relating to different age ranges. Small children are attracted to various figures, sizes and glowing colors. Green roti for example can be roti with goodness of spinach or deep-fried grain with a pinch of turmeric and vegetables. Another real way is batter deep-fried fruit and vegetables like carrots or lovely potatoes. Also, provide your kids with a total great deal of probiotics like curd with newly sliced mangoes or cucumber or sugary lassi.”

(Eat Nutritious Food With Your Kids because of their Well-Being)

Rewrite the menu for your kids. They might still have pizzas but made out of a multi-grain base and healthy vegetables as toppings. They would still chew on cookies but swap store bought ones to calcium wealthy ragi cookies. That is clearly a smart way to suppress their fast food urges and monitor their salt and sugar intake.

Another real way to encourage them to eat Nutritious Food is to focus on the display. A bowl of soup with a dash of cr?me poured artistically or chopped fruits like bananas, strawberries, oranges, kiwis presented artistically on the dish with noisy and bright shades will take kids towards fun foods.

(Kids Who Miss Breakfast time Risk Diabetes)

“You should play with colours and make work for the display of the nutritious food,” advises a nutritionist. Freezing and colourful fruits like watermelons are always popular.
Watermelon cut into triangles with the rind still attached is effective in my own home.”

“Alternatively, a melon baller can be used to make balls from watermelon and musk melon. This is a great 11 am Nutritious Food along with some nuts.

Healthy Food for Kids and Healthy Life Style

Give Healthy Food for Kids to Get active each day!

Regular physical activity is important for the healthy growth, development and well-being of children and young people.
As Much Physical Activity As Possible, Including Vigorous Activities That Make Them “Huff And Puff” Every Day.
Participate In Muscle-Strengthening Activities On At Least Three Days Of The Week.
In addition, parents should have a positive attitude towards physical activity.

Choose water as a drink

While fruit juices, soft drinks, and other sweetened beverages may be tempting to drink, water is the best way to quench your thirst.
Reduced fat milk for children over two is a nutritious drink and a great source of calcium.
Kids Should Be Given Whole Fruit To Eat Instead Of Fruit Juices That Are High In Sugar.

Eat more fruit and vegetables

Eating fruit and vegetables every day helps children grow and develop, boosts their vitality and can reduce the risk of many Chronic Diseases.
As a general rule, aim to consume two servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables per day
Fruit and vegetables should be available as a convenient snack at all times, and fruit and vegetables should be included in every meal.

Switch off the screen and get active

Inactivity, such as time spent watching TV, surfing the web or playing computer games leads to weight gain in children.
Two hours a day is the maximum amount of time that children and young people should spend watching’small screen’ entertainment. As often as possible, take a break from using for long periods of time.
Instead of watching TV or playing on the computer, encourage your children to participate in a variety of active indoor and outdoor games and/or activities.

Eat fewer snacks and select healthier alternatives

Healthy snacks help children and young people meet their daily Nutritional needs.
Snacks based on fruit and vegetables, reduced fat dairy products and whole grains are the healthiest choices.
Avoid snacks that are high in sugar or saturated fats – such as chips, cakes and chocolate – which can cause children to put on excess weight.

Remaining physically dynamic is the absolute most vital thing we can do to remain fit and autonomous as we get more established. Physical activity is useful for our bodies and our brains. It likewise helps us to stay autonomous and to get the most out of life


With the continuous change that the world is witnessing, an increasing number of children all around the world suffer from a case of obesity. This really is as a result of the lifestyle change that development demands. It has never been more essential for parents and guardians to ensure that their kids enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Overweight, if not taken care of, can cause critical health issues in the early years and also later in life. Kids will benefit mentally, physically, academically and socially from a healthy way of life of proper nutrition and adequate exercise.
Right now, the question is; “If I’m a parent, what am I going to do to make my kids Eat Healthily, or, if I am a kid or a teenager, how can I start healthy eating habit?”

Make healthy snacks available; put unhealthy ones out of reach: Put fresh fruits in a fruit bowl in the kitchen where it is most convenient to access and where everybody can see. Also, you can have pre-cut fruits like watermelon and put them in the fridge for best taste and ease if your kids want a quick snack.

Low fat pretzels and nuts make fantastic snacks too, so get a packet and empty them into a bowl for quick access. Snacks like sweets, high calorie muesli bars and chocolate should be kept in the top cabinet beyond reach. The less your kid sees it, the less likely he will eat it!

Make use of Supplements: If your children are not touching their vegetables or your kid is having inconsistent eating habits as a result of social activities and peer group, supplements are a good way of compensating the insufficient nutrients caused by an unbalanced diet. For kids, try to find supplements which have ‘fun’ flavors and styles to make them appealing, but make sure that it is free from sweeteners and artificial flavors. Nutrients that are essential to kids around age 5-12 include calcium for strong bones and zinc for sharper and improved memory. Vitamins A, Vitamins C, Vitamins D, Vitamins E, K, biotin,niacin and folate are also crucial in providing your kids adequate antioxidants for utmost protection against illnesses and diseases and optimum immune function. For teens, look for supplements that provides and covers a wide range of necessary vitamins and minerals for maximum body support as this is the period where their body system is experiencing the most growth and development. Important nutrients include Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Biotin, Folate, Iodine, Calcium, Lycopene,Lutein, Niacin, Riboflavin, Magnesium, Rutin, Thiamin, Tumeric extract, Selenium and Zinc. Make sure that the supplement you are buying have these nutritional supplements at the very least in order to guarantee healthy immune performance and perfect health for their developing adolescent bodies.

Regular Exercise – The major factor for staying healthy and fit for both adults and children is regular exercise. Try to plan exercise activities (whichever they might be) periodically, but do not push your kids beyond their strength because this may have a negative effect on them wishing to do anything at all. It is very important to make sure that your kids are pleased and not resenting the exercise.

Figs Health Benefits Boosting Heart Health

Figs And The Amazing Health Benefits


The health benefits of anjeer include its use as a treatment for sexual dysfunction, constipation, indigestion, piles, diabetes, cough, bronchitis, and asthma. In addition, figs can be utilised to quickly regain weight after an illness. Figs are periodic fruits found in Western Asia, but dried figs are available anywhere around, at any time of year. The fig tree is related to the mulberry family.

The presence of minerals, vitamins, and fiber in this fruit contributes to its health benefits. This fruit is high in nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, potassium, and chlorine.

figs and the amazing health benefits

Figs have a number of health benefits, including...

Prevention of constipation:

Figs contains  large amount of fiber, that is 5 grams of fiber available in every 3 fruit of figs. This high fiber content promotes healthy, regular bowel function and prevents constipation. Fiber provides nourishment and mass to bowel movements, preventing not only constipation but also diarrhea and unhealthy or irregular bowel movements.

Weight loss:

The fiber in this fruits also helps to Reduce Weight and is often recommended for obese people. However, their high calorie content can lead to weight gain, particularly when combined with milk. A few fruits are sufficient to provide the recommended amount of nutrients, so don’t go overboard!  Recognize that there can be too much of a good thing.

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Amazing Benefits Of Figs

Lower cholesterol:

Figs contain Pectin, a soluble fibre. Fiber basically mops up excess clumps of cholesterol and transports them to the excretory system to be eliminated from the body as it moves through the digestive system. Pectin from figs, as a soluble fibre, promotes healthy bowel movements. Because they are one of the most fiber-dense foods available, these fruits can have a laxative effect. A high fibre diet can improve your overall health by preventing certain types of abdominal cancer as well as colon cancer.

Prevention of coronary heart disease:

Dried figs contain phenol, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which help to prevent  Coronary Heart Disease. 
These fatty acids lower the risk of coronary artery disease.
Furthermore, the leaves of figs have a significant effect on a person’s triglyceride level. Triglyceride levels are reduced by eating leaves from fruit like figs, which have an inhibitory influence on them. In addition to cholesterol, triglycerides are a key cause of heart disease.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Figs...

Prevention of colon cancer:

Free radicals and other cancer-causing chemicals are eliminated more quickly when fibre is present because fibre promotes healthy bowel movements.

Fiber content in figs has been shown to protect against post-menopausal breast cancer, and women’s hormonal balance can typically shift after menopause. It’s because the body’s systems are so intertwined that hormones affect the immune system, which in turn affects antioxidants’ ability to fight free radicals. Due to their high fibre content, figs provide an extra line of defence against cancer-causing free radicals.

Figs Helps To Lower Blood Sugar

Good for diabetic patients:

The American Diabetes Association recommends this fruit as a high fiber treat that helps promote functional control of diabetes. These leaves help diabetic patients who need to regularly inject their bodies with insulin. Figs are rich in potassium, which helps to regulate the body’s sugar absorption after meals. Due to their high potassium content, figs can help diabetics live a more normal life.

Figs Helps Reduce The Risks Of Hypertension

Prevention of hypertension:

People typically consume sodium in the form of salt, but a lack of potassium and a high sodium level can result in hypertension.

 Due to their potassium and sodium content, figs are an excellent defence against the appearance and effects of hypertension. They are also an excellent relaxing food that can calm the nerves and bring some peace to your day.


For bronchitis, fig leaves are ideal because of their natural chemicals. Fig leaf tea is commonly prescribed for various respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, and it is also used to prevent and reduce the symptoms of asthmatic patients.

Improves sexual drive..

Sexual Dysfunction:

Figs have been recommended as an aid in treating sexual dysfunction for centuries. It has played a significant role in mythology and culture, and is often referred to as a powerful fertility or sexual supplement. As an aphrodisiac, its efficacy is debatable, but the massive amount of vitamins and minerals it contains may result in the sudden boost in energy and stamina that people mistake for a sexual surge. Overnight soak a few figs in milk and then eat them in the morning to improve your sexual performance.

Strengthens Bones:

Figs are high in calcium, which is one of the most important nutrients for bone density and lowering the risk of osteoporosis. When bones are damaged or degraded, the phosphorus in figs helps to regenerate them.

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