Immune System-Healthy ways to strengthen to live longer

Immune system healthy ways to strengthen to live longer!

A healthy immune system entails a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle.
Certain health professionals advise that you increase your intake of various foods that will help you build immunity and fight this infection. Following are some of the meals that will help you improve your immune system while on vacation.
A strong immune system can help you fight a variety of illnesses.

Immune System-Healthy ways to strengthen, to live long

Immune System

Eating 2 fruits and 3 vegetables a day is the healthy ways to strengthen your immune system and that can help you live longer – research by Harvard study! The secret to longevity is to add fruits and vegetables to your diet often.

Secret of living Long :

There is no doubt that the secret to living a healthy life is to follow healthy eating habits. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals help keep us strengthen our immune system in the healthy way. Although it is generally believed that high-calorie foods, such as Meat And Eggs, are good sources of protein, Harvard’s new research shows that this is not the case.

Immune system boosting  Healthy Foods

immune system
immune system

According to a study by Harvard University researchers, the secret to longevity is to include fruits and vegetables in your diet frequently. Yes, meat does not help you live healthy for a long time. But greens, fruits and vegetables have been shown to help improve your health.

Dong D., a leading research writer, nutritionist and member of the Harvard Medical School. Wang said the death rate would be reduced if fruits were eaten in two ratios and vegetables in three ratios.

Immune System- What study report saying?

He reported that this dose provides greater benefits  to strengthen our immunity and preventing chronic disease and reduces the risk of developing the disease. He also explained that not all fruits and vegetables are beneficial to increase longevity, adding that some fruits and vegetables are better than others and work well in increasing longevity.

Secret of Green Leafy food :

Especially leafy greens and Low-Carb Vegetables can help  to strngthen the immune system and reduce the risk of chronic disease. However, he clarified that eating more than a certain amount of these will not bring any additional benefits.

Healthy Vegetables and Fruits for strengthen Immune system

Green leafy vegetables: Lettuce, cabbage Vegetables rich in beta carotene: Carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli Citrus fruits and berries: lemon, orange, mulberry, strawberry
Vegetables and fruits to avoid: Carbohydrate vegetables: Peas, corn and potatoes. Seafood such as fish, crab and shrimp are also on the list of healthy foods. Studies show that seafood can reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and help maintain a healthy weight. Beetroot, Carrots, Lettuce are Best Choice for Immunity.

immune system

Here are 3 important foods that can boost your body’s immunity

While the 2nd wave of corona formed in the world has had the biggest impact on the universe the daily corona impact is now gradually declining. However protecting ourselves from this extraordinary environment is essentially one. It is also important to choose foods that give the body strength and increase the immune system at this time.

Main Food for Immunity :

That’s why we have recommended here 3 main foods that will stimulate the immune system in your body. We hope they will definitely be useful to you. Okay., Now let’s see what those 3 foods are one after the other!

healthy food
immune system

Beetroot :

This beautiful red vegetable is a wonderfully nutritious food. This vegetable cannot be eaten raw in the form of a salad. But it can be eaten along with many desirable foods like soups, buns, parottos.

Beetroot is good for blood pressure balance. It improves blood circulation and relieves constipation. Antioxidant beetroot is traditionally used as a nutritious food for recovering patients in many parts of Europe. It helps to fight fatigue, improve digestion and support a healthy immune system. ”As mentioned.

Carrots :

Carrots are rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and beta carotene. This wonderful vegetable is added as a healthy addition to various dishes (as soups, juices or curries). This is especially beneficial for those who want to lose weight. And its high beta carotene and lutein content can significantly improve eye health and immunity.

Lettuce :

Lettuce plays an important role in healthy vegetables. People of all ages love spinach or palak lettuce kinds.

Lettuce is high in vitamins and minerals and contains over a dozen antioxidant flavonoid components.. They have anti-inflammatory properties. They also protect against heart disease and aid in the neutralisation of free radicals that weaken the immune system, according to the book Healing Foods.

Store these food at Kitchen :

So, store all these in your kitchen and add them to many curries, soups and juices to reap their many benefits.

healthy food

Immune System-Know the physical symptoms that alert you to a weakened immunity

Stomach Disorders:

The gastrointestinal tract plays a 70% role in boosting the body’s immune system. That is, intestinal bacteria fight infections. In addition, the T-cells that make up the gut stimulate the growth of these gut bacteria. The impact of viruses only increases when the growth of these intestinal bacteria is reduced. We may experience symptoms such as diarrhea, flatulence, and constipation as often as we feel its symptoms. So focus on foods that promote gut health.

Delay in healing of wounds:

Inflammation That Heals Wounds Prevents Infections. They Form New Cells At The Site Of Injury And Reduce The Severity Of The Injury. Fix Its Trail. That Way If You Have Low Immunity The Formation Of New Cells Will Be Delayed.

Injury and Wound Healing :

In addition the severity of the injury may increase. Vitamins D, C and Zinc are the main cause for wound healing, ie the formation of new cells. Vitamin C in particular is essential for the formation of the collagen layer. So try to consume more of these nutrients. Do not forget that these can not only injure, but also increase the immune system.

Fatigue and apathy:

No matter how well you sleep and wake up there will always be some kind of fatigue. The amount of energy will decrease. Immunity can be in direct contact with the body’s energy. Energy is the fuel of the immune system during the fight against disease. So another symptom of declining immunity is physical exhaustion. So do Yoga And Exercises to keep the body always active.

Frequent colds:

According to the study, adults only need to catch a cold 2 or 3 times a year. But if some people suffer from frequent colds, it means that their immune system is weak. It depends on the healthy lifestyle and hygiene. So follow a healthy lifestyle and boost your immune system. Avoid immediately.

Stress and Tension:

Your body releases corticosteroids when you are under stress. It suppresses the activity of the immune system by reducing the number of lymphocytes in our body. Some people follow unhealthy habits during stress. That is, habits like alcohol and cigarettes can further weaken the immunity system. So find ways to get out of the stress of moments like this. Spend time with relatives and friends. Eat A Healthy Diet, yoga, and exercise.

Do not eat these 5 foods without even knowing it ..!

Although the immunity system is found in the daily diet we eat, we eat every day without knowing some of the foods that reduce it and thus the immune system is weakened.


You can protect your overall health by controlling the amount of sugar in your daily diet. If you eat foods high in sugar, it will raise your blood sugar level and increase the production of inflammatory proteins such as necrosis alpha tumor, C-reactive protein and interleukin-6. This can affect your immune system.


Eating too much salt can lower your immune system. Chips, bakery foods, and frozen foods are high in salt, which can weaken your immune system. Bacterial infections make it harder to fight. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that adults consume a maximum of five grams of salt per day. This is approximately the size of a teaspoon. Excess salt intake increases glucocorticoid levels.

Fried foods:

Fried foods weaken our immune system. Thus causing serious damage to overall health. According to research, eating fried foods can lead to serious heart disease and stroke. Eating French fries, samosas, packed chips or anything deep fried is at risk. So it is better to avoid them.


Excessive coffee / tea consumption can disturb your sleep. Thus inhibiting inflammatory processes. This pushes the body to compromise its immune system. So avoid caffeinated foods. It is also good to avoid coffee and tea.


Excessive alcohol consumption can weaken your immune system. According to the specialist’s advice,  drinking too much alcohol weakens the immune system. More likely to get sick.


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