Sex Benefits : The Benefits of having sex more often


Amazing Benefits Of Having Daily Sex!

Sex does not just give one pleasure,daily sex improves physical and mental health. Sexual intercourse thus increases the activity of the brain, even in the elderly.

Study About Sexual Intercourse:

A study by Conventry University on sexuality found that having daily sex improves physical and Mental Health. Sexual intercourse thus increases the activity of the brain, even in the elderly.

Sex does not just give one pleasure. Beyond that it offers many Health Benefits. Moreover, sexual intercourse enhances the bond between couples. Everyone knows that having sex in general reduces stress. But sexual intercourse has many benefits for both men and women.

Men get some particular important benefits from having sex in particular. This article gives you a brief overview on sex benefits for men. Read it and learn about the benefits of sex.

Strengthens the immune system:

Experts believe that people who have sex often have a lower risk of developing poor health.
Researchers at the University of Wilkis, Pennsylvania, have found that once or twice a week, a college student has increased levels of a specific antibody that fights viruses. So if you want to boost your immune system, have sex more often.

Reducing the risk of heart disease:

A study in the American Journal of Cardiology found that men who had sex once a month or less had a 50 percent higher risk of heart disease than men who had sexual intercourse more than once a week.

Intercourse burns Calories:

Having sex burns calories. That too will burn more calories depending on the duration and dosage of intercourse. So if you want to burn your calories, have intercourse more often.

Restful sleep:

Only men can get better deep restful sleep than women after reaching orgasm. So if you are suffering from insomnia for several days, try to be excited with your partner. There is no substitute for intercourse to get good sleep.


Stress will go away:

Researchers at the University of Western Scotland claim that sexual intercourse is similar to Exercise, which relieves stress and lowers stress hormones. They also say that people who are depressed can definitely get rid of it if they have sex once a week. So if you have sex every day, you will always be stress free.

Lowering blood pressure:

Studies show that it has been linked to sexual dysfunction and low blood pressure. One study found that intercourse (not masturbation) lowers systolic Blood Pressure. Male are more likely to be affected from hypertension. So have frequent sexual intercourse with a partner to lower blood pressure.

Retain youth:

MD of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. British neuro-psychologist David Weeks has found that people who claim to have intercourse 4 times a week appear to be 10 years younger. Hormones released by pleasure derived from loving intercourse protect young people, releases hormones. So if you want to maintain your youth, stop using creams and have intercourse.


Reducing the risk of prostate cancer:

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men who ejaculate frequently (at least 21 times a month) have a lower risk of  prostate cancer. However, it is not entirely clear in this study that sex is the cause. Many factors affect the risk of cancer. But too much intercourse does nothing.

Prolongs life:

An Iris study, published in the British Medical Journal in 1997, found that 1,000 middle-aged men died in a decade, and concluded that sexual activity may have a protective effect on health.

Happy mood:

An Australian study of 5,000 people found that married men were 135 percent happier than unmarried men, while 52 percent of married women were Happier than unmarried women.

Studies also show that people who have regular sex are able to speak languages fluently and see objects clearly. In this section you will find out more about the benefits of having regular intercourse.


The mood improves:

The feeling of love, rather than sexual intercourse, causes a kind of chemical change in the body. Also pre-sex games increase the body’s ability to stimulate sexual desire. The hormone oxytocin is released after sexual intercourse. It gives peace of mind and good restful sleep.


The hormone oxytocin is also released by hugging your partner for twenty minutes. This condition is four times more familier in female than in male. It also sets the stage for sexual arousal in women.

Pleasure after intercourse:

Serotonin, the body’s main antiseptic chemical, is responsible for making you feel happy, smiling and relaxed after intercourse.

Study results:

A study of 300 women found that a woman who lived happily ever after was able to live happier than a woman who lived without sex. Studies also show that sex leads to a Happier Life.


Sex is also a great exercise to keep your body in control. Having sex is the equivalent of running in miles and climbing the stairs of a plane twice. And studies show that there is nothing wrong with those who are physically strong having sex every day.

Increases immunity:

Having sex boosts the body’s Immune System to fight colds and flu. Sexual Intercourse can also helps to raise the level of hemoglobin in the body.

Lifespan increases:

Continuing to have sex increases your life expectancy. People who have sex every day live longer than those who have sex once every two weeks.


Obstetricians say that having more sex increases the chances of getting pregnant. Even for men who do not have a normal amount of sperm, having daily sex can increase Sperm Production. It Improves Sperm Health And Helps With Fertility.

Benefits of having sex every day !!


Don’t believe me … Do you know how healthy a newly married couple is?

Yes, it’s because of having sex every day in the early days of marriage. The more sexual intercourse we have, the greater the amount of sexual intercourse that will greatly help us to stay healthy and active.

Here is a list of the benefits of having daily sex.

After reading that list, you will want to have sexual intercourse every day, except for having sex once a week so far. One study also found that having daily intercourse can help prevent common health problems such as colds and headaches.

Sleep like this after marriage … then see what happens …

Moreover, in a recent study, every time we have sexual intercourse, a hormone called oxytocin is released in our body.

And this hormone sends a signal to the brain to help the body relax. This eliminates various problems in the body and keeps the body healthy and fit. Well, now let’s see what are the benefits of having sexual intercourse everyday !!!

Reducing infections

During intercourse, the body releases a few good hormones and a few compounds. These boost the body’s immune system and prevent infections.

Restful sleep

The hormone oxytocin, which is released when sexual intercourse reaches orgasm, helps to get a good night’s sleep.

Heart health

By having sexual intercourse every day, the blood is pumped evenly through the blood vessels so that the heart is healthy.

Regulating hormone levels

Sexual intercourse is very helpful to stay smooth without causing hormonal imbalances. In particular, if women have sex a week before menstruation, hormonal imbalances will not occur during menstruation.

Abdominal bloating decrease If you have intercourse every day, you will not get Abdominal bloating during menstruation. The pelvic floor muscles become stronger Having sexual intercourse every day can be like exercising a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. This tightens and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, making them more comfortable during Pregnancy.

The pelvic floor muscles become stronger

Having sexual intercourse every day can be like exercising a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. This tightens and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, making them more comfortable during pregnancy.

Good for the back

Another benefit of having daily intercourse is that it is very good for the back. Especially good for the lower back.

Preventing stroke

One study found that men who had sexual intercourse more often were less likely to have a stroke than those who had sex less than twice a week.

Prevents osteoporosis

Similarly, when women have intercourse every day, the level of testosterone in the body increases, which increases Bone Density and prevents the development of osteoporosis.


Can prevent aging

Getting good sleep, especially during intercourse, will brighten the complexion and prevent the appearance of aging.

Will keep fit

Having 30 minutes of sexual intercourse, every day is equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise. Thus the body will be well healthy and fit.

Increasing the immune system

When exercised, the immune system is stimulated and its energy is increased. Having sexual intercourse, is like an exercise. So increase your Immunity by having intercourse every day.

The best pain reliever

During sexual intercourse, both men and women secrete a hormone called endorphin, a natural painkiller.

Relieves stress

Experts say that during sex, dopamine, a stress-fighting hormone, is produced.

The erection problem will go away

During daily intercourse, the blood flow in the penis is smooth, so that the tissues there are healthy and prevent Erectile Problems.

Increases stamina

Sexual intercourse can also help increase stamina. If you sleep for 15-30 minutes every day and sleep well at night, the next morning the body will have More Stamina.

Immediate relief for headaches

Do you get frequent headaches? Then have sexual intercourse. Because of the compounds produced then, the headache will go away immediately.

The fever will go away

There is another power to sexual intercourse. That is, if you have sexual intercourse, you can take care that the body does not get any diseases. Have sexual intercourse, instead of taking anti-fever pills in particular. Get good result.

Healing 𝘿𝙚𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙤𝙣

People who are mentally ill are more likely to recover immediately after having sexual intercourse. Moreover, the mind becomes relaxed and refreshed and happy.

Decreasing the chance of prostate cancer

When men have sex every day, the sperm is expelled evenly. This prevents the accumulation of sperm in the prostate gland. But if you do not have sex, the sperm will stay and soon cause prostate cancer.

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