What is Chronic kidney disease- Causes and treatment

What is Chronic kidney disease- Chronic kidney disease (CKD) means which your kidneys are damaged and cannot filter blood the way they should. The disease is called “chronic” because your kidneys are damaged gradually over a long period. This damage can lead waste to grow up in your body. CKD may also cause other health related problems.

What is Chronic kidney disease –

Chronic Kidney disease known as chronic renal failure, describes the gradual loss of kidney function. kidneys filter out both the waste and excess fluid from your blood, which will then be excreted in your urine.

Things to watch out for when urinating: Learn to avoid danger

The most important part of your body is the kidneys. Because this is what works in your body to expel waste. You can find out by your natural abuse that you are not in Good Health or that something is changing in your body. You can easily detect a change in your health by keeping track of the changes that usually occur in your urine.This is one of the reasons why you should have a urine test first when you are not feeling well. Even folk healers will predict what might be the effect of keeping the color of the urine.Therefore, it is important to check that the color of the urine is correct, except when looking at the beam diameter when you urinate.

01. Slow release.

If your urine comes out sluggish it is a sign that you have a bacterial infection. This type of urine is only exposed if the white blood cells are fighting with the bacteria.

02. Bleeding:

If there is redness or bleeding when urinating, it means that there are tumors in your kidneys. It is better to get tested immediately..

03. Foam-like exposure.

Foaming during urination is a sign of diabetes or kidney problems. It is said that the reason for this is that the kidneys do not filter protein properly.

04. In brown.

It is said that the brown color of the urine is a sign of damage to the liver. And may also be caused in some way by bilirubin. Check with your doctor immediately if you notice any discoloration in the urine.

How to diagnose Chronic kidney Disease  early?

One in 12 people in the United States has been diagnosed with kidney disease or kidney disease. Many people in our country are unaware that they have kidney disease.

A recent study has revealed that about 7 crore people in India have various types of kidney diseases from early stage to advanced stage.

It is estimated that about 80 million new cases of Chronic kidney disease occur each year and 90,000 become advanced kidney failure and require dialysis or kidney transplantation.
One of the reasons for this is that most of them do not have major symptoms of kidney disease at the beginning. Thus the cost of treatment for kidney disease that has gone unnoticed or left unattended for a long time becomes very high. In a. poor country like India it is only possible for one in a hundred.
But, kidney diseases are to much easier cure or control if detected early.

What is Chronic Kidney Disease

1. How does one diagnose kidney disease?

In an article I read it was said that the patient will not feel any discomfort until the work efficiency of the kidneys is reduced by 75% Is it true?

This is absolutely true. As far as the kidneys are concerned we need to understand two things. One is that our body does not have organs that function beyond our capacity like the kidneys. So the kidneys take care of our atlas without much difficulty until they lose 70-80m of their working capacity. So we can not feel the initial kidney failure
Second are the symptoms that are initially visible and are normal and common. For example, fatigue, fatigue, and some other symptoms such as High Blood Pressure, anemia, and proteinuria in the urine can only be detected in medical and laboratory tests. That is why it is very difficult to detect kidney damage or failure at an early stage.

2. However, if you know what are the early (warning) signs of kidney damage, wouldn’t it help some people to know the early stages of kidney damage and benefit from it?

With the exception of certain diseases that suddenly affect the kidneys (such as snake bites, diarrhea), there may be no symptoms in the early stages of kidney damage caused by diseases that cause permanent kidney failure. They are:

Swelling of hands, feet and face, unexplained persistent fatigue, excessive fatigue, itching of the skin, discoloration of the skin, mainly paleness, blood in the urine or low volume, high blood pressure, frequent (mainly at night) urination. 

In fact, anyone who wants to protect their kidneys can ensure the Health of their kidneys only by doing some simple tests. These include urine tests, urea and creatine levels in the blood. Other tests may be needed only if any of these are abnormal.

3. Does it mean that people who urinate frequently have kidney failure?

Not so. Until then, the right amount, ie 3-4 times a day, before going to bed at night, if you have to urinate suddenly and often, the first reason is that the bladder infection-cystitis (ulcer) is more common in women than in men. This is a minor annoyance that can be easily cured.
Inflammation of the prostate gland (urinary tract) in men, especially the elderly, can lead to urinary obstruction and frequent urination. Anything you need to clarify this by consulting a doctor.
As well as a person who has been in Good Physical Health up to that point can be clarified by some simple tests as mentioned earlier keeping in mind that despite the troubles like frequent tiredness, easy fatigue, inattention, excessive memory loss may be a cause for it.
Similarly dry skin, whitening or discoloration of the skin, itching, loss of appetite, pain under both ribs in the kidneys. Kidney examination should not be missed despite symptoms such as swelling (initially) under the ankles. Also, people with high blood pressure at an early age (under the age of 35) should definitely have their kidneys checked

In addition, people with Diabetes, high blood pressure (at any age), frequent urinary tract infections, Kidney Stones, or anyone else in the family with kidney disease should have their urine checked. Only then can kidney problems be detected and corrected early.

4. Will any other tests be required besides these initial tests?

If the above simple tests reveal the presence of the disorder, further confirm the nature of the kidney damage. Severe, sometimes advanced kidney damage may require various tests to determine if other organs (mainly the heart) are affected.

5. Well let’s assume that these tests have confirmed the presence of renal impairment- dysfunction. What happens next?.

People with just kidney damage or early kidney failure (they do not shrink when the kidney is scanned) and those suspected of having some type of infection (so-called nephrotic syndrome) may need a test called a kidney muscle biopsy.
Depending on the results of this experiment, certain medications can be taken under the supervision of a physician for a period of time to completely cure or control some kidney disease.
People with kidney stones and urinary tract stones can be prevented from recurring and thus affecting the functioning of the kidneys by researching the cause and treatment of kidney stones.
Kidney failure can be largely cured by controlling the Blood Pressure well and some special medications for people suffering from kidney disease due to Diabetes and high blood pressure.

6. What should people with advanced kidney failure do?

Kidney damage in people with kidney disease / dysfunction can be divided into different stages.

1. Early stage renal failure (stage-1)

Kidney damage only (no kidney failure) High blood pressure, protein uria in the urine, hand, period, body swelling may be disturbed.

2. Mild renal failure (stage-2):

Creatine-2 level in the
blood. Mg. Below the point). In both cases there is a complete restraint on blood pressure, shape, and prevention of rapid renal impairment. damage can be largely corrected or further controlled by taking certain medications as advised by the urologist, followed by follow-up Kidney by the urologist, and avoiding medications that affect the kidneys (e.g., pain medications, folk remedies).

3. High renal failure (stage-3) –

Creatine levels in the blood are 2-6 mg. Spots should be taken in addition to the above mentioned treatments for blood development drugs, sesame should be taken in addition to the above mentioned treatments for blood development drugs and bone medicines at this time. When the level of creatine in the blood is more than 6 mg, some preparations need to be made for therapeutic dialysis to carry out the next stage of advanced renal failure.

They make it easier for repeated dialysis to draw blood from the blood vessels for treatment. Vascular surgery (@ pistula operation) should be performed. Doing it on time can greatly reduce various expenses in the following period. Dialysis is much easier to treat.

4. Complete renal failure of the kidneys (stage-4)

At this stage the total activity falls below 10 percent then the level of creatine in the blood is 6-7 mg. And often the blood level is very low. Then various organs of our body can be affected and various disorders can occur. During this time only dialysis or kidney transplantation can keep a person healthy. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, arrangements for this should be made and completed in a timely manner. If the dialysis treatment is started regularly and timely after the due date, the patient can continue to live in Good Health even after complete kidney failure. Those who are eligible for a kidney transplant can try that treatment in response to dialysis treatment

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